Part 2

Last week I wrote about the closet cleaning/purging that occurred a few weeks ago. Two weeks ago Ben and I made a trip to IKEA. We have a running list of items we want from IKEA and Ben made the decision to start updating our bedroom. I was always in the mindset of… it is the room people don’t see so we don’t need to do anything to it.. WRONG! It is probably the most important room in our home. It is where you relax in the evening, the last thing you see and the first thing you see in the morning. The bedroom should be a place of relaxation and order. A while back we decided we will eventually turn our bedroom into a sea of greys, purples and white.. but here is the beginning stages of our bedroom redo.

We bought two new night stands for our bedroom. They sat in our office for a good portion of a week until I put them together one night when Ben was working. I rearranged the room, cleaned it and put it all back together before Ben got home!

Just a reminder of what our bedroom looked like..


Putting together Ben’s surprise! 

I first pulled everything out of the cabinets. There was a lot! Everything found a home except for a pile of Ben’s things and our extra comforter. 

We crammed a lot in those cabinets! 

Everything in Ben’s drawer. 

My drawer. 

My side is nearing completion! 

Love Love Love! 
Eventually we are getting matching lamps with purple lamp shades for our night stands. 

My tiny little drawer. Fits everything I needed! 

Half way! 

A sneak peak under our bed. Two long totes (filled with guest pillows) and Gregory resides here as well. I think Justin is going to be Gregory’s new owner. 

Sneak peak at another bedroom project. Notice anything funny? Any guesses as to what we are doing with our head board? 

Here is a BIG hint! 
Ben’s latest woodworking project. 

I got distracted… 

Hours later and here is where I am at with the room.
(pictures taken the next day)

Still trying to find a home for the comforter and cabinet. 
Small changes but that is more than we have done in this room so we are happy! 
It is the start to something great! 

(sorry for the delay in part 2.. school is starting tomorrow and life got crazy!)


Bedroom Redo!

We have been slowly working on different areas of our home and updating our furniture/decor. Our living room has made the most progress with almost all new furniture that has been bought in the last 13 months. Some furniture was painted when we moved in to fit better so overall our living room looks finished {of course it is not!} Our dining room has also seen a lot of change with Ben’s homemade table and mirror. Our kitchen has had a different type of makeover as we continue to go through drawers and cabinets getting rid of things and reorganizing. Our bedroom is virtually untouched, except for buying a bed when we moved in, a lampshade and little rug.

I started dusting one day and then this happened….

We have two long totes under our bed. One has two guest pillows. The other has my off season clothes. Clothes should be in the closet and I was bound and determined to make them fit. Out came everything from under the bed and most things in the closet. 

I went through all my clothes again and got rid of enough to put all our clothes neatly into the closet. There is actually growing room! There was a time when I almost bought more hangers and now we have more hangers than we know what to do with! 

I refolded a lot of my clothes {Ben did his a few months back and they looked so much better than mine!} and put the remaining clothes back neatly in their place. I also pulled out everything on the floor to sweep and mop. 

The final product! Everything fits in our closet! Yeah! 

Part 2… tomorrow…. 

OH: Week Sixteen

Organize Your Home: Week 16
Create a House Cleaning Schedule & Organize Cleaning Supplies

When I told Ben about the challenge for this week he said, “You don’t need to do this one.” I agreed. Making a cleaning schedule sounds wonderful and totally up my alley (being a lover of To-Do lists and all..) but with our our crazy schedules it would be too difficult to keep-up. We do a decent job right now and if the time comes when I want to start a cleaning schedule I have this post to look back to! 🙂

Step 1: Consider What Chores and Cleaning Tasks Need To Be Performed Daily and Weekly In Your Home.
Step 2: Create Two House Cleaning Schedules: A Daily and a Weekly Schedule
Step 3: Get In The Habit Of Working Your House Cleaning Schedule Daily and Weekly
Step 4: Organize Cleaning Supplies In Your Home

To get a free ebook that provides checklists for your daily, weekly, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom cleaning schedules (and more!) please click here. Then click “free ebook” tab to claim your copy of this book. 

I did complete Step 4 of this challenge and here are the steps I completed.
1. Clear out cabinet under the sink.
2. Clean the cabinet and wipe down the pipes. 
3. Go through everything, donate unused items, and wipe down what is left. 
4. Hang cheap curtain rod under sink.
5. Put everything back – organized! 



I also have cleaning supplies under the bathroom sink but that is already organized. Under that sink is a 7th generation toilet bowl cleaner, sponge and spray bottle with a bleach/water combination (for the pesky mold that I can’t get rid of in the shower). 

To Do (or not to do…)

I am a To-Do list queen! I love making them, crossing off everything I do and seeing the progress I made. Sometimes I feel like I work hard and there is little to show for it but when I look at my list I can visually see the successes I have had. 

I usually have a few To-Do lists going at all times. My work To-Do list is broken down into my two separate jobs then broken down further by site and yet further by more specific categories. 

My home To-Do list is broken down by room then by a specific task. I also keep an Other category where I place the random tasks (sew button on a jacket, update budget, etc.)

Sometimes I make a Weekend To-Do list, other times I will make a daily one or maybe a weekly one. Other weeks go by without a home To-Do list. Just depends on the mood I am in or the time I have. This past weekend I made a huge To-Do list. Bigger than what I thought I would actually accomplish but I did pretty good. 

Take a peek.

What I accomplished as of Monday late morning. 
(Better than I expected!)

Ben is working nights this weekend so I will finish up this list then. 
My week is too crazy to work on it. It is hard enough keeping up on daily housework! 
So there you have it – a Behind the Scenes look at one way I keep organized!

OH: Week Twelve (Part 2)

I have truly completed this challenge so here is an update to 52 Weeks to an Organized Home: Organize Files in Your Home

Annoying blue crate that stuck out in a room filled with browns. 

Two REALLY full crates. One half filled with our paperwork and teacher files and another crate dedicated solely to teacher goodies (lesson plans, craft ideas, resources, articles, etc.) On the right is a desk organizer that I have been using to put papers that needed to be added to my teacher files (typically ideas pulled from magazines)

Steps I Completed For This Challenge:
1. Bring all the paperwork together.
2. Sort through every file, every pieces of paper. If I kept the paper it went back into the file but then I had a recycle pile and a shred pile. 
3. Erased old file titles from the old folders and put them away for future use. 
4. Flip-flopped the files that were in the two crates. Blue crate files now in the brown crate. 
5. Put all the newly acquired papers into the appropriate files. 
6. Put everything back! 

It may not look like a big difference but my recycle bin is half full and I recycled a paper bag filled with shredded documents. There is room to navigate the files, before they were in there pretty tight. 

I put the brown file crate in the office and the blue one in the closet. The blue file folder is a bit obnoxious but it looks better than it did! 

52 Weeks to a More Organized Home

I mentioned in the last post I am participating in 52 Weeks to a More Organized Home. I’d like to invite you to go on the journey with me! 🙂

I will post each week about the area that I am focusing on and put up pictures to prove I accomplished them! This will help keep me accountable.

If you are interested in doing it yourself check out this website. You can join the challenge there as well. You will get a weekly e-mail describing the area you will work in.

I am on Week 2, organize pantry, spices and food storage areas. I kept forgetting to take pictures. 

Here is the before picture of our main food area in the kitchen (I already showed our pantry yesterday). Ben just went shopping so this was a good time to go through everything before putting in more items. Everything was just kind of shoved in. There was more food than space and half the time our bread, fruit and veggies took over the kitchen counters. 

The steps I took (with some assistance from Ben)…
1. Took everything off of each shelf, one at a time. 
2. Got rid of anything expired, we did not use or we have not eaten in a LONG time. 
3. Cleaned the shelves. 
4. Put the remaining goodies back on the shelves grouping them as much as possible. 

We were left with this. 

Here is a glimpse of how everything is organized. 

I also went through our spices with a similar process.
1. Emptied and cleaned the shelf.
2. Threw out anything expired or that we have not used in six months.
3. Put it back on the shelf grouped into herbs, baking, etc. and by sizes. 

I will get back to you next week with more organizational fun!