OH: Week 33

Organize Your Home: Week Thirty-Three

Basement Organization

I don’t have any before and after pictures this week. Our basement is pretty organized. We have most of our stuff on one wall. If I really want to declutter a bit more I’d find a new home for our microwave and get donate the blue plastic chest you see below. Ben isn’t ready to part with the blue chest yet and we will have to talk about the microwave. We haven’t used it in a year and don’t need it.

Anywho.. here are the steps to this challenge:

1. Get Rid of Basement Clutter.

2. Make a Plan for Your Basement Using Zones.

3. Organize Items You’re Keeping In the Basement

4. Consider Basement Storage Solutions

5. Label and Inventory Your Basement Storage

Ideally my future basement would look something like this..


or this

All that beautifully organized storage brings tears to my eyes!

Here is our basement. Most of it is empty boxes and totes to use the next time we move. It had to go somewhere and thankfully we are able to use the basement to store some of our goodies.

From the left to the right: garden station, empty paper boxes and totes with some canning jars on top, then a tote of bubble wrap, roller blades, box of empty beer bottles and a microwave then ending with Ben’s blue plastic trunk, flattened boxes, empty 5 gallon buckets and a ton of empty milk crates.

We know we will move again so we kept a large portion of the boxes we used to move to Grand Rapids. I especially love these paper boxes because they can be easily moved by me and the boxes are sturdier for special items.

More moving materials and Ben’s empty beer bottles. Ben gives away quite a bit of his beer so we like to have a stock pile of empty bottles for him to brew with. 
We aren’t ready to get rid of the milk crates yet because they make convenient little shelves for a basement or garage someday. We also have a lot of flattened boxes we will use the next time we move. Or to send a package. 
Our laundry area was addressed here in a previous post.

Ben’s winter tires are here, a few more empty totes for moving and the sawhorses Ben made and uses for his woodworking projects.

That’s our basement!


Moving/Unpacking – Day 2

Ben worked Saturday. I spent the morning working on applications and hanging out with Ben’s family dog. We left him alone too much the day before so I made sure to hang out and play with him. 

Then after lunch I headed over to our apartment to tackle the mess that hid inside. 

I started in the kitchen because I knew I wanted to finish that first. It would take the longest amount of time and involved quite a bit of organization. 

That didn’t last long..

My ADD tendencies kicked in and I wandered to the bathroom where I made some progress.

I even worked a bit in the living room, well at least cleared off the couch! 

Ben got home from work around 3:30pm and we decided to take a trip to Detroit (well Canton, MI) to go to IKEA. Ben and I LOVE IKEA! It is a home furnishings store that offers modern, good quality and fairly cheap items. We left around 5:30pm after stopping to visit the dog and getting some dinner. 

We drove almost three hours to IKEA, spent two hours shopping, stopped at McDonald’s for an ice cream cone, drove three hours back to GR, brought up all our goodies to our apartment then went back to Ben’s parent’s where we did dishes and cleaned up… we didn’t go to bed til around 1am!

It was a crazy but fun day!

At IKEA we got..

* bed frame
* mattress
* wooden slats (plays the role of a the box spring mattress)
* entertainment center
* two storage boxes for the entertainment center
* two bamboo plants (one was a gift)
* vase for the bamboo plant (a gift)
* two flexible cutting boards (a gift)
* two rugs

And maybe something else I forgot…. but those are the big things!

For the last year we have had the typical newlywed apartment filled with hand me downs. We still have that but now we finally have some new furniture and that makes this apartment really feel like ours! 

Find out tomorrow about the tragedy that struck at our new home…  

Our New Apartment – First View!

We got the keys to our new apartment on Thursday, July 14th and moved in July 15th. I spent the morning at a doctor’s appointment and then headed to the apartment. I brought up one load and then took some pictures. 


We shall start the tour at our front door….

Welcome to our humble home!
This is the living room!

Towards the front of the house, looking left from the front door..

Looking slightly right from the front door, still the living room.

As you move towards the front of the house you see a door which leads to…

An awkward 1/2 bedroom, closet, storage room…. or as my brother likes to refer to it as, “Justin’s Room”.

At the front door and looking to the right you see the kitchen and part of the dining room.

As we enter the middle of the apartment. 

Our dining room.

Dining room and a little glimpse of the living room. 

Standing at the back of the dining room, looking into the kitchen. 
We LOVE the little window/counter/cabinet combination!
It is a great place for serving up food!
Now we are entering the kitchen through the door you see here.

The right side of the kitchen.
It is huge! Probably bigger than my last three apartment kitchens combined!

The left side of the kitchen!

Continuing the same side.

A BIG FRIDGE!!!! And only a few years old too!

A BIG OVEN/STOVE! I can use BIG cookie sheets now and bake more than six cookies at a time.

The right side again. 

View of the little window from inside the kitchen.

Taking a mini pit-stop back in the dining room to show you the big closet!

 Now unto the back half of our apartment. 
This is what you see standing where the kitchen and dining room meet up.
The door furthest to the left is the bathroom, then our bedroom in the middle, then the office on the back right.

In the hallway is two doors on the right side, opposite the bathroom.

Behind the first door is a pantry/storage closet.

Behind the second door is a super creepy emergency exit.

Now our bathroom! It is bigger than our last ones two but kinda a strange shape.

I love all the extra storage space!! 

This old medicine cabinet hides behind the door. Yeah, more storage!

Heading towards the back of the bathroom.

The shower is next to the toilet. 

 Now off to the office!
Looking in from the hallway. To the left is a closet.

The right side of the room, that door leads to the attic.

Closet door.

Mini closet with a door that leads to Narnia!!
(Well actually I half opened it and the strange attic smell freaked us out and Ben told me to shut it!)

To Narnia!

Heading up to the attic… another creepy stairwell!

Here we go!
And apparently I didn’t get a picture at the top…
it is creepy…

Now heading to our bedroom.
This room is slightly bigger than the office and has more open wall space.

To the left of the room. 
We were excited to see when we moved in our landlord added some curtains!
We will change them out at some point, but they work great!

To the right of the room.

And our closet!! (Ben let me take over most of this one!)

Another deep closet. Not the best set up but we made it work!

And thus concludes the tour of our new place!

After taking pictures I began carrying up our stuff, cleaning the apartment and unpacking a bit. I did this while Ben was at work. Ben came home in the early afternoon and then the two of us brought up as much as possible! It was very hot on the day we moved so we had to take quite a few water breaks! 

Stay tuned for a look of the craziness that occurred after a day of moving in our stuff, then for a tragic tale involving a missing electronic, a recap from a weekend with our first visitors, and an updated look at our apartment as the week continues!

I am working very hard to catch up on life so keep tuning in! 

We did it…..

Ben has been up since 4:45am and myself since 7am. 

Ben worked at the farm this morning before heading over to the apartment..

After many, many, MANY trips up and down stairs straining to carry all of our belongings to our beloved apartment… we are done…..

We are finally back at Ben’s parents home and settling in for the night.

Our hands hurt, backs hurt, knees hurt, heads hurts, feet hurt, muscles hurt, yet we couldn’t be happier. 

I am so proud of us we did everything by ourselves (with help from Eric with the couch, futon and bookshelf). 

Now for a well deserved night of sleep before another crazy day tomorrow. Ben works all day so I will be unpacking my little heart out!

I am far too tired to post the pictures I took today.. maybe tomorrow…. until then…. 


Fourth of July

Our first 4th of July in Grand Rapids was a fun one!

We spent the weekend with family and friends and got some work done too.

I’m still getting back into taking pictures. I didn’t take too many pictures in South Dakota so I find myself forgetting my camera occasionally. But I did remember to take pictures a couple times during the fun weekend!

Here we go!

Sunday evening we went to Holland to visit Grandpa and Grandma Bosch. We surprised Grandma and brought dinner. It was nice catching up with that side of the family and celebrating the holiday in our own way.

Monday morning we had breakfast with the Hannink side of the family. This is done for Memorial Day, 4th of July and Labor Day. It is a fun way to reconnect with everyone throughout the summer.

Ben had worked on the 4th (his choice) but he made it home in time to join the family for fireworks. 

Ben and I waiting for the rest of the family so we could head to our fireworks spot.
(This is my new favorite picture of us!)

Ben wasn’t feeling too well so while the rest of us went for a walk Ben and Casey held down the fort. 

Mom, Dad, Raena and I went for a walk by Reeds Lake. 
It was beautiful! 

Mom and Dad headed back by the boys and Raena and I continued our walk.

After our walk we headed back to the rest of the family.
Then we munched on some treats Mom brought.
Ben’s favorite was the Pretzel M&Ms, mine of course was Reese’s!

Proof Raena and I are sisters! haha
This picture was not planned.. we both made the same face!


On Tuesday Ben and I went to Lydia’s baseball game. 
We hung out with Josiah and Jeremiah and got to see Coach Aunty Ju in action!
Go Lydia Go!
She did really well and made two runs!

The boys relaxing after enjoying their root beer floats from the concession booth.

Aunty Ju pumping up the team!

Us and Lydia!

And as for moving….
The bathroom floor is being fixed this week and the plan is to move in this weekend! *fingers crossed*

Being Patient….

I feel that I am a very patient person…
in saying that… here is our latest apartment news… and ladies and gentleman, it is not the news we were expecting.

We knew that there was a problem with the bathroom floor and the floor would be fixed by a professional.

We knew the man fixing the floor would be checking on it today.

We knew it would take some time.

What we DIDN’T KNOW until tonight is…

He won’t be able to fix the floor until NEXT week instead of THIS week!

I am a patient person but I am getting extremely antsy. I REALLY wanted to move this week because Ben’s family will be leaving for California on Wednesday and will be gone for a week. Ben and I will be spending the week at his parents to house-sit and dog-sit. I was hoping to be all settled into our new place before we spent a week away.

Our friends Lauren and Eric have offered to help in whatever way they can but this whole moving thing is going to be a little more complicated than I thought. Looks like I’ll have to start weight lifting soon so I have the muscles to move all our belongings up the long flight of stairs to our apartment while Ben slaves away at the farm.

Wish us luck!