Family Weekend!!

My parents and Justin and Tia came to visit for a weekend!

The weekend started off with my parents and I walking to the Farmer’s Market. A little boy was making balloon animals so we picked up one for Addie and one for Erin. 

Doggy and Turtle

A close up of the turtle. 

We had to take my family to meet baby James! 
(A look into their future!)

Justin is so good with babies!

I was surprised at how quickly Erin took to Tia and Justin! 

We took at trip to Frederick Meijer Gardens

Whoops.. we didn’t “see” the sign.. 

Getting ready to go on the Sculpture Bus Tour

We were super excited! 


Yeah.. I’m that strong! 

Seriously hilarious! 

Practicing for August 17th, 2013

We had a wonderful time together. It was the perfect combination of fun and relaxation! 


Our little Garden

We may not own our own home but we do want the place we rent to feel like home so we decided to work on the front part of the house. 

This is before we started working on the two garden areas. 
The weeds were getting out of hand (and I did work on this before the picture was taken)!
Weeds growing everywhere, a big plant overshadowing the rest of the garden space and a messy sidewalk. 

Besides the two grass-like plants on the side and some tulips the rest of this is weeds. You can see there are big rocks that line the sidewalk but there is a space where there are no rocks.

Plain deck, weedy mess and no color.

Day 1: I weeded the small garden area, leveled it out and added compost soil. 

Day 2: Ben dug out all the old soil and threw compost soil on top. 

Day 3 Memorial Day: Ben split up the big grasses and put them in two separate areas. 

I evened out the dirt Ben threw into the large garden area. Ben moved over some of the tall grass to under the tree. I picked out some fushias (Ben choose the flower type) and we hung them up as well. 

The side of our house was pretty bare – not even grass could be found here. 
We are growing some sunflowers there (you can barely seem them in this photo). 

We threw in half of the grass plant here. 

After I dug up the ground, added compost soil, and leveled out the area.

Ben took a few tree limbs down to add some extra sunlight on our little friends. 

Bye tree.

Preparing to plant our friends!

Bachelor Button


Moss Rose

Ben found the missing rocks. They were there along just covered in dirt. We made a mess clearing out the rocks and let the dirt dry for a few days. Then I cleared the sidewalk off. 

Here is what the yard was looking like at the end of Memorial Day.

I’ll put up new pictures after we put the mulch on! 
(Hopefully that gets done soon!)
I can’t wait to show you how our garden has grown!

Preparing to Hibernate

We haven’t broke 60 degrees in the last few days and our garden is dwindling. So we began to prepare to hibernate.

Our tea supply is stocked and freezer is full of frozen goodness. We wanted to make sure we had some “fresh” food in the freezer so we can enjoy our garden long after our season has ended.
Here is a behind the scenes look at….
Our Freezer!

Life Update!

Ben and I have been enjoying all there is to summer. Taking time out to geocache, hike, spend time with friends and experiment with food! Here is a series of photos to give you a behind the scenes glimpse into our first two months of marriage!

Our garden grows MORE and MORE every day. We go out every day to pick peas (above) and green beans. The community garden is also filling our fridge with zucchini, lettuce and the occasional tomato. Our grocery bill is getting smaller and we are enjoying some time together in the garden picking lots of weeds!

Community Adviser training starts August 1st and I’m trying to get ahead of the game by completing all that I can before training. These are the door decs (name tags) that are put on each apartment door for each tenant. I did sea animals. This is half of the ones I made. The other half were finished a few days later. Over 140 total!

We’ve been trying out new recipes and foods too! Ben made this meal complete with a Portabella mushroom with melted cheese, a tomato sauce filled with basil that we grew, all on top of noodles. Something I would have never tried before but it was yummy!

Ben likes playing around with food for dinner, while I prefer dessert! Here are some peanut butter honey balls I made. A healthy snack that still satisfied my sweet craving!

This weekend we are traveling back to Ben’s hometown for our best friend’s daughter’s first birthday party! We are very excited to be there to celebrate with little Addie. Ben took off half a day of work so we can get there late Friday night. We’ll spend the evening with family and then Saturday we are going to the zoo, Addison’s birthday party then having a slumber party at her house! We can’t wait!!!! Our last “mini” vacation before training begins and Ben leaves for his canoeing class (August 8th).


Can you believe it?
It feels like just yesterday that we were at 100 days and here we are at 10!

The last time I wrote here was our to do list. I’ve since updated it! 🙂
* Writing out Thank Yous DONE
* Meeting with our vendors one final time ALMOST DONE (one last meeting with the DJ)
* Finalizing music selections and reception schedule DONE
* Putting together ceremony programs DONE
* Checking in with the last people who haven’t sent in their RSVP DONE (as done as I think we’ll be)
* Working on paperwork for name changes, joint bank accounts, etc. A WORK IN PROGRESS

Looking ahead our to do list is MUCH smaller. I’m no longer the least bit stressed and it feels so wonderful. I’m truly going to sit back and enjoy the next 10 days. We still have plenty to do but I’m passed the point of worrying about anything. This is such a special time in our lives and I love where we are at.

The past two weekends have been a blessing to us. We got to spend a weekend with my family while seeing my best friend Ashely and this past weekend we spent time with Ben’s family and I got to see my other best friend, Lauren. It was so wonderful spending some time with family and friends and the next time we see them it will be for our wedding!

Here is a behind the scenes look at our lives in the last two weeks.

We started our first garden!
We are growing cucumbers, carrots, green beans, sugar snap peas, acorn squash, tomatoes and peppers. We are also taking part in the community garden (I’m the co-chair!) and there are MANY more glorious things in that part of the garden too!
We had quite the rain storm yesterday and Ben and I were running around trying to take in our plants and little peppers who aren’t strong enough to be planted yet. Of course Ben had to try out his new rain gear! He stood out in the rain for a few minutes and came in as dry as could be!
On our drive back home this past weekend we stopped at a little roadside park with stairs leading to a gorgeous beach. We explored the beach and then walked through the water and played on all these rocks!
We also checked out this cool waterfall. We always see it on our trip and this time Ben stopped so we could get a good look at it!