Baby Week: DIY Nursing Tops

Baby WeekAlong with adorable little baby things I wanted to share something that isn’t so adorable but equally necessary when our little one arrives – nursing clothing.

I bought a few maternity shirts and was given a few more maternity dresses/tops from my family as gifts but I really don’t have a ton of clothes that I can nurse in without stripping down every time. I was on a search for a few months stopping at all the maternity sections and looking for nursing tops and tanks on sale or in the clearance section. Nothing.. everything is still $20 or more and I don’t like to spend money, especially on myself, especially on clothes.

Enter Pinterest.

I saw this pin, originally posted here.

I am not willing to spend $30 on one tank top. So instead, I bought two $12 tank tops on sale for $5 each for a total of $10 spent on two DIY nursing tank tops.

Here’s how I did it! Took less than 20 minutes and $10 to make these.

1. Grab your cami, I used one with a built in bra for extra support. I also bought a size up from my normal size. I usually wear small but have a few medium ones I have been using throughout this pregnancy and it will be helpful to have a bigger size postpartum.

IMG_40202. Flip the tank top inside out and lay it down with the tag facing up.

3. Cut the strap closest to the tag right at the seam.
IMG_40214. Create a little loop and if you need to use a pin to keep it from moving.
IMG_4022 5. Sew down the loop, leaving a long tail from the cut strap. IMG_40236. Cut off the rest of the strap that is hanging down.
IMG_40247. Your done! Now go try it out!

Here is what the finished product will look like.

IMG_4026$10 + 20 minutes = 2 Nursing Tank Tops


Baby Week: DIY Artwork

Baby WeekI found a ton of cute art pieces on etsy but couldn’t press those final buttons to buy them. They were so expensive and not quite what I was imagining for our baby’s nursery so the solution was to make my own! I knew I wanted to create animals and paste them on canvas. I considered fabric and paper and choose paper since I thought it would look more “finished” when the art was created. I wasn’t sure I could make the fabric look as neat and tidy.

Next step was to find an adhesive that would keep the paper stuck to the canvas. This is what I came up with (thankfully I had both on hand).

IMG_3973I went shopping at JoAnn’s Fabric and Hobby Lobby and grabbed some fun patterns in yellow and grey. I then decided on the elements of the art pieces and drew them on the paper. Daddy helped with some of the design and approved them throughout the process. I needed some extra support!
IMG_3974I laid out the pieces as I was creating them to make sure I liked the piece as a whole. Then I adhered the paper to the canvas.
IMG_3994I put the paper down on cardboard before spraying the adhesive spray. I then went back with a tiny brush and Modge Podge to make sure everything was attached well.
IMG_3975Here are the three pieces all together. Each one contains a mommy/daddy and a baby and each art piece contains a heart or two.
IMG_3992Here is a close-up of the other two pieces. Ben designed this one and I designed the other two.
IMG_3995 IMG_3993After about a week or two of drying I double checked to make sure the paper was still sticking well. Then the next step was to find a tall handsome man to put the art pieces up and make sure they were level. Enter tall handsome man.
IMG_4029Here they are up and ready for baby!

Baby Week – Nursery Reveal

Baby WeekWelcome to BABY WEEK! A week of sharing all the special projects we did for our little one, the homemade gifts that were given from our family and friends, how we organized baby’s room and more!

We will start the week by unveiling the nursery! In a perfect world I’d have another nine months to prepare baby’s nursery. I have so many fun projects that I would love to do and this room would look different if we weren’t renting and didn’t have plaster walls (that crumble with every nail). But here it is! We enjoy the room and we can’t wait to see our lil’ peanut in it!

First a few “before” pictures when this room was still a guest bedroom/office.

IMG_0657 IMG_0658 IMG_0659 - Copy IMG_0661And now.. the nursery!!!

Starting at the door way looking straight on.

IMG_4030Stepping to the right.
IMG_4031Stepping to the left.
IMG_4032 IMG_4033 IMG_4034Sundvik Crib from IKEA
DIY Crib Skirt, fabric from
DIY Artwork

IMG_4035Selje Nightstand from IKEA
(spray prainted by Ben)
Rocking chair from Craigslist
(it was orange and now Ben painted it white)
DIY Pillow, fabric from
IMG_4036Toy Basket from Target
Expedit Shelf from IKEA
Scale passed down from my Great-Grandma’s cousin
IMG_4037 IMG_4038DIY Fingerprint Art Piece from cousin, Kaitlyn
Lamp passed down from Ben’s sister’s nursery
Lamp Shade from World Market
Tarva Dresser from IKEA
Fabric Organizer from Diva’s Intuition on Etsy

IMG_4039 IMG_4040 IMG_4041Such a tiny little car seat, ready for a tiny little person!
IMG_4042There it is! We started emptying out this room and preparing it for baby the day we found out about our little peanut. We started by putting our futon on Craiglist. We worked slowly and we were able to create an environment that we can’t wait to share with our little peanut!

Homemade Body Scrub

On my quest to slowly move towards “green” living I decided to make my own body scrub. I was buying it but discovered making it was really easy and much cheaper.

Here is what you need:

* small container

* Vanilla extract (Ben made ours)

* sugar

* Coconut Oil

* Lavender

Lavender Vanilla Body Scrub

(with vague instructions, this doesn’t need to be perfect!)

1. Fill the container 3/4 full with sugar.

2. Put in a teaspoon of vanilla extract and lavender.

3. Mix in enough coconut oil to wet the sugar.

4. Put the container in the shower and use it to shave your legs, moisturize your body and exfoliate your skin! I absolutely love this stuff!

*Note* Depending on temperature the coconut oil may turn into a solid or liquid altering the look of your scrub.

I alter this recipe depending on what I am feeling at the moment. You see some ground coffee in the above pictures from a previous batch I made, a Vanilla Latte scrub.

This would make a unique Christmas gift!


Random Happenings

I had some images and stories I wanted to share but I didn’t have enough to dedicate a whole post so here we go! I combined a few photos! Enjoy!

Beautiful “Baby”
I snapped this photo of a beautiful little lady. Erin is growing more beautiful each month and I was thankful to catch this moment. 

Thank You
I complained about the intense heat we got this summer but I was aware that many people had it worse than I did. I left a little note for our Mail Carrier to thank him for all he does! 

Ben said he talked to the Mail Carrier the next day and he said the note was so nice and made his day. I really want to start doing more of these random acts of kindness to others! 

Bye Truck
We said goodbye to Ben’s truck. It was time for an upgrade! 

Craft Time
It had been a long time since I got crafty but I had a good excuse. Addison’s 3rd birthday! I made her a tutu! I used this piece of cardboard to cut the tulle in equal pieces. 

A work in progress!

The finished project!! I loved how it turned out but would have done more tulle and longer tulle if I did this again for this age group. 

The back. 

Added a cute little boa!

Farmer’s Market
A good haul from the Farmer’s Market: pickling cucumbers, bagels, peppers, tomatoes, flowers and sausage. 

A fridge full of delicious fruits and veggies!

Our little Garden

We may not own our own home but we do want the place we rent to feel like home so we decided to work on the front part of the house. 

This is before we started working on the two garden areas. 
The weeds were getting out of hand (and I did work on this before the picture was taken)!
Weeds growing everywhere, a big plant overshadowing the rest of the garden space and a messy sidewalk. 

Besides the two grass-like plants on the side and some tulips the rest of this is weeds. You can see there are big rocks that line the sidewalk but there is a space where there are no rocks.

Plain deck, weedy mess and no color.

Day 1: I weeded the small garden area, leveled it out and added compost soil. 

Day 2: Ben dug out all the old soil and threw compost soil on top. 

Day 3 Memorial Day: Ben split up the big grasses and put them in two separate areas. 

I evened out the dirt Ben threw into the large garden area. Ben moved over some of the tall grass to under the tree. I picked out some fushias (Ben choose the flower type) and we hung them up as well. 

The side of our house was pretty bare – not even grass could be found here. 
We are growing some sunflowers there (you can barely seem them in this photo). 

We threw in half of the grass plant here. 

After I dug up the ground, added compost soil, and leveled out the area.

Ben took a few tree limbs down to add some extra sunlight on our little friends. 

Bye tree.

Preparing to plant our friends!

Bachelor Button


Moss Rose

Ben found the missing rocks. They were there along just covered in dirt. We made a mess clearing out the rocks and let the dirt dry for a few days. Then I cleared the sidewalk off. 

Here is what the yard was looking like at the end of Memorial Day.

I’ll put up new pictures after we put the mulch on! 
(Hopefully that gets done soon!)
I can’t wait to show you how our garden has grown!

Teacher Appreciation Week

Happy Teacher’s Appreciation Week!

I appreciate the teachers who spend 8 hours with our kids and I appreciate the teachers on my staff who spend the next three hours with our kids. I wanted to let these teacher’s know I do appreciate their hard work and patience.

The Milky Way, M&Ms and 100 Grand were put into two bowls for the two schools I oversee. I put a sign next to it explaining why I picked those 3 chocolate bars and the staff signed the Thank You Sign. 

1. M&Ms because you are “marvelous and magnificent.”
2. Milky Ways because you are “out of this world.”
3. 100 Grand because no amount of “money” could replace all you do!

All the goodies!

For my staffs I put goodies into a bag and labeled them. Each day they get to open one and receive their treat. 

Monday: Thanks for sticking to the PRIDE pledge!

Tuesday: You are o-FISH-ally awesome!

Wednesday: Thanks for helping Champions to shine!

Thursday: You deserve an extra PAYDAY!
Friday: You are one in a million. Each staff member got a lottery ticket. (not pictured)

All ready to surprise my staff!