5 Months to Go!

We’re getting married in 151 days!!

Plans seem to be falling into place the last few days which was pretty unexpected. I am a tad bit stressed due to the start of a new semester and a new area for my job but I’m pleased to announce that I have got a lot of planning done during the past two weeks. I completed my Winter Break To Do list and even went beyond what I thought I’d have time for.

Now to catch you all up on what has been going on:

Our cake topper is officially here! We had a problem with the one we ordered a few months back (they sent us Christmas ornaments instead!) but Ben reordered it last week and it arrived yesterday. It looks great, but it is a secret… sorry!

Invitations are looking AWESOME!

Here is a behind the scenes glance at the invitations.

The map (above) took me about 3 hours to create!

There are 5 invitation inserts in all and all of them are designed. 2 are already printed, cut and ready to go. We are hoping to get our wedding time line finalized this week so I can print the rest of the cards. I’m hoping to have the invitations done by the beginning of next month so I can cross this HUGE project off my list! The envelopes came in yesterday too! So I get to start addressing those this weekend. I’m getting sooo excited to send them out (in a couple months!)

Bridesmaid News! Over break my bridesmaids picked out their dresses and they are ordered. It was quite the eventful afternoon when four of my bridesmaids tried to pick out their dresses. David’s Bridal was PACKED and nothing the girls tried on seemed to work for them. After a couple hours and a change from the original plans, everyone went home happy. Which is all I could really ask for. My Maid of Honor wasn’t able to join us but she was able to order her dress a few days later.

Ashely, Lauren, Eryn/Alyssa, Raena

Photographer! We finally have one! We are booking them on Thursday. This took WAY longer than I thought but I’m so happy with our decision. We really tried to get this one company but they NEVER returned our calls. In the end we felt like if we couldn’t depend on them to call us back how can we depend on them to be our photographer.

Tuxes! Ben picked out what kind of tuxes he wants his boys to wear. Now he has to register everyone at Men’s Warehouse (where the guys get 10% off their tux and Ben gets his free!) and then they all have to get fitted.

I’m sure I am missing alot but that will get you caught up a bit. I went to a Bridal Show this past weekend and I believe we found a DJ, looking to next weekend. Also I found a florist I like but I need to make an appointment to meet with them and check on prices. Hoping to get that all done SOON!

Love you all!

Busy Busy Busy

We have been so busy that our blog has been neglected a bit. Here is an update on our planning!

Paper and ribbon for our invitations were ordered on Monday! We ordered the paper from Anchor Paper (http://www.anchorpaper.com/) and ribbon from http://www.save-on-crafts.com. Those will be constructed over our semester break.

Our cake topper is ordered! Ben picked it out and it represents us as a couple quite well! 😀 We received it in the mail but Ben opened it and found they sent us Christmas ornaments instead so we are currently waiting to get our cake topper.

Bridal Showers are being planned! My first one is being planned by Ben’s Aunts Ju and Addi and will take place on December 29. It is happening so early so Ben’s older sisters can attend. My mom is making the trip down and I am really looking forward to everyone getting to meet her. My mom (with help from my aunts and Grandma) are planning a shower in my hometown on April 17th.

Save the Dates are here and stuffed into their envelopes! They are ready to go out in the mail soon! And the most exciting news that I have to share is… I said YES to the dress! Along with my mom, two aunts, cousin, my Maid of Honor and Grandma we traveled to David’s Bridal where I tried on quite a few dresses but when it was all said and done #3 was the magic number! No behind the scenes look on the dress though! I want to share details with all of you but this is one I’m trying to hold back on a bit! But we did purchase a dress (thanks Mom!) and we are picking it up on December 23rd. What a great Christmas gift! I’m bringing it down state with me when Ben and I head to his house for Christmas so I can show his family! I can’t wait to share this with them! My Maid of Honor (MOH) also tried on dresses and we choose a dress. She will be in Marine (Dark Blue) and the rest of the bridesmaids will be in Truffle (Deep Brown). They are going dress shopping in December.

There is a quick update!! I’ll try to update a little more often, once the semester is over I hope to be on here more!