February Happenings

I had big plans to create some blog posts that expand on the below pictures but like usual time has slipped away so here is one big post about some of the fun we had in February!

I made three freezer to crock pot meals from Pinterest. Pull out the meals and stick them in the fridge to thaw over night. Then pop them into the crock pot the next day. Easy enough! I made a Coconut Curry Chicken, Honey Rosemary Chicken and Lime Salsa Chicken. I have more recipes picked out but I haven’t had time to shop for ingredients/prepare the meals. Soon though!

IMG_3781The process is easy enough. Label a gallon freezer bag with the cooking directions then stick the bag in the freezer. I laid all my flat and on top of one another. It really didn’t take up that much space. We can’t wait to try them!!

Ben and I had a rare day off together so we invited two little friends over to play. We hung out a bit and let Addison play on the Kinnect. Don’t mind the diaper wet bags in the back, I added ribbon and put fray-stop on the end and they were drying there. 🙂
IMG_3791Addison played Kinnectimals and loved playing with her “leopard.” She named the tiger (she kept calling it a leopard) Buddy.
IMG_3792Erin was more than content to hang out with Uncle Ben and playing with the peg board. She sorted them and stacked them as high as she could before they all crashed to the ground!
IMG_3798 One evening I attempted to get a little crafty. I made this gift for my cousin-to-be’s bridal shower with items off her registry. IMG_3801I also bought a few goodies to send to my sister-in-law, her husband and her baby who would be arriving soon. I put a little note on the items and packaged them up so mom had a little hospital survival kit, dad had one and of course baby had a little present too!
IMG_3802Here is what the mom-to-be received!
IMG_3803One Saturday while Ben was working I had a bad case of ADD nesting. I’d start a project, then move to another, before moving to another, and another. I had a project or two going in every room in the house!

IMG_3806Just keeping it real.. all of this was finished and cleaned up before Ben got home but for awhile it was insane!
IMG_3807I was sanitizing bottles, making baby thank you cards, doing laundry, cleaning and reorganizing under the bathroom sink, going through Ben’s childhood school papers and more!
IMG_3810I am not proud but it all got done!

Ben, Justin, Tia, lil’ peanut and I made the trek back home for my cousin’s fiancee’s bridal shower and our Great-Grandma’s 90th birthday party. We also “celebrated” my parents anniversary. I made them this card referring to The Big Bang Theory and we bought some flowers.

IMG_3824I forgot to take pictures for much of the bridal shower but here are some before pictures!! My cousin Elyssa did a great job decorating for the party and she added crepe paper to all the fans! 
IMG_3827Ben made sure to taste test the coffee before the rest of the guests arrived. He also used that time to catch up with some of my family members.
IMG_3828Here comes the bride!
IMG_3831 There was a ton of yummy food for all the guests to enjoy. My parents had almost thirty people at their house for the shower!! IMG_3833 IMG_3835On Saturday we held a surprise birthday party for my Great-Grandma Margaret who was turning 90! We throw a surprise party for her every year so she wasn’t too surprised but she was surprised to see so many people there to celebrate with her. And there were many gifts that she was not expecting!
IMG_3838There is a lovely candle maker shop in Holland, MI that makes these beautiful candles! 
IMG_3839 IMG_3843
All but one of the great-grandchildren helped me do a special project for our Great-Grandma by creating a list of reasons why they love their grandma! 

IMG_3845My grandpa and I compared bellies! At Christmastime he still had me beat but I think I beat him now!! 
February was quite busy for us and we are looking forward to a calmer March before April arrives and with it our newborn babes!


Bridal Shower #2

LOVE /’luv/

(noun, verb, and everything in between)
1: holding hands, walking in the rain, and not even knowing it’s raining 2. being there for each other (no matter what) 3: that certain look 4: trust 5: passion 6: the best kind of friendship 7: gets better with time 8: a fairy tale that does come true
(I received this card at my bridal shower held in my hometown. It’s perfect for a Language Arts major!)
This past Saturday was my Bridal Shower at home. My mom hosted the event with a lot of help from my Grandma Kathy, Maid of Honor, Ashely, and help from all of my aunts. The day was PERFECT (minus a few guests who couldn’t be there).
I walked into to my church’s Sunday School room to a room filled with brown, blue and a splash of lime green. Hydrangeas, tissue paper flowers (made by a girl I used to babysit, Hannah), towel cake, beautiful wedding-like cake, homemade wedding tree, LOTS of delicious food, homemade chocolate and a posterboard filled with pictures from my first shower.
Some picture have been added to Facebook but I’ll put a few on here in case you didn’t see them!
(I stole them off of Ashely’s, Lauren and my mom’s facebook.. THANKS!)
The set-up. Thanks to everyone who help set up!
A posterboard filled with pictures from my first shower.
A digital picture frame with photos of Ben and I.
Picture of me with Ben’s family so everyone could see his two sisters who weren’t able to join us.
A wedding tree that my Aunty Lisa made!
My cake that my aunts got for me! It was beautiful and TASTY!
The delicious food that my mom and Grandma worked so hard to make. It was so yummy! A special thanks to Aunty Bonnie for all of her work during the shower!
The gift table! I am so blessed.
The flowers my mom and friend, Hannah, made!
You can also see the Kleenex holders that my Grandma made as party favors and chocolate bride favor my Aunty Jodi made. Yummy!
Towel cake made by Aunty Jodi and cousin, Kaitlyn. This was filled with bathroom and kitchen towels, pot holders and bamboo utensils.
A closer look at the wedding tree!
Aunty Jodi starting our meal.
Ashely, Raena, me and Lauren! Thanks for all your help!
My helmet! 😀
I had a wonderful bridal shower!!
I can’t say THANKS enough to everyone who helped make my day so amazing!
Love you all!

Bridal Shower #1

A Bridal Shower
marks a very special time
in the lives of those in love.
It’s enjoying
happy moments
with friends and family,
sharing the anticipation
of a beautiful future –
celebrating love!

Ben’s aunts, Julie and Addi threw me a bridal shower over Christmas break. I was a little nervous about having to open gifts in front of everyone but that was all forgotten the moment I walked into the house. I had so much fun during the shower. Celebrating our upcoming wedding with family and friends was so wonderful.

Here is a look at some of the fun we had:

Checking out the yummy food.
That’s our flower girl in front of me, Ms. Lydia!

The beautiful cake Aunty Ju made.

Then I had to cut the beautiful cake. 😦

The Games!
1. Why Do We Do That: Matching different customs to the reason why we do them.
2. 50 Years Later: We matched pictures of a couple on their wedding day and then 50 years later.
3. Ben and I answered 20 questions and the guests had to try and guess what our answers.

Playing games.

Starting to open gifts.

Checking out the blender!

Ben’s family (Mom, Grandma, Aunt)

I got a sewing machine from my mom and Ben’s mom!
I was just a tad bit excited!

And sewing accessories from Ben’s sisters.

Lauren and Addie got me cookie cutters and cookie decorating items.
Lauren also wrote out a few of her favorite cookie recipes.

Alyssa started my rehearsal bouquet.
I get to add to it in April.
The biggest surprise of the night came when Aunty Ju
game me Thank You cards that were addressed
and stamped. What a great idea!
Here is a glimpse at the gifts I received.
Thanks to all who attended!

Busy Busy Busy

We have been so busy that our blog has been neglected a bit. Here is an update on our planning!

Paper and ribbon for our invitations were ordered on Monday! We ordered the paper from Anchor Paper (http://www.anchorpaper.com/) and ribbon from http://www.save-on-crafts.com. Those will be constructed over our semester break.

Our cake topper is ordered! Ben picked it out and it represents us as a couple quite well! 😀 We received it in the mail but Ben opened it and found they sent us Christmas ornaments instead so we are currently waiting to get our cake topper.

Bridal Showers are being planned! My first one is being planned by Ben’s Aunts Ju and Addi and will take place on December 29. It is happening so early so Ben’s older sisters can attend. My mom is making the trip down and I am really looking forward to everyone getting to meet her. My mom (with help from my aunts and Grandma) are planning a shower in my hometown on April 17th.

Save the Dates are here and stuffed into their envelopes! They are ready to go out in the mail soon! And the most exciting news that I have to share is… I said YES to the dress! Along with my mom, two aunts, cousin, my Maid of Honor and Grandma we traveled to David’s Bridal where I tried on quite a few dresses but when it was all said and done #3 was the magic number! No behind the scenes look on the dress though! I want to share details with all of you but this is one I’m trying to hold back on a bit! But we did purchase a dress (thanks Mom!) and we are picking it up on December 23rd. What a great Christmas gift! I’m bringing it down state with me when Ben and I head to his house for Christmas so I can show his family! I can’t wait to share this with them! My Maid of Honor (MOH) also tried on dresses and we choose a dress. She will be in Marine (Dark Blue) and the rest of the bridesmaids will be in Truffle (Deep Brown). They are going dress shopping in December.

There is a quick update!! I’ll try to update a little more often, once the semester is over I hope to be on here more!