OH: Week 33

Organize Your Home: Week Thirty-Three

Basement Organization

I don’t have any before and after pictures this week. Our basement is pretty organized. We have most of our stuff on one wall. If I really want to declutter a bit more I’d find a new home for our microwave and get donate the blue plastic chest you see below. Ben isn’t ready to part with the blue chest yet and we will have to talk about the microwave. We haven’t used it in a year and don’t need it.

Anywho.. here are the steps to this challenge:

1. Get Rid of Basement Clutter.

2. Make a Plan for Your Basement Using Zones.

3. Organize Items You’re Keeping In the Basement

4. Consider Basement Storage Solutions

5. Label and Inventory Your Basement Storage

Ideally my future basement would look something like this..


or this

All that beautifully organized storage brings tears to my eyes!

Here is our basement. Most of it is empty boxes and totes to use the next time we move. It had to go somewhere and thankfully we are able to use the basement to store some of our goodies.

From the left to the right: garden station, empty paper boxes and totes with some canning jars on top, then a tote of bubble wrap, roller blades, box of empty beer bottles and a microwave then ending with Ben’s blue plastic trunk, flattened boxes, empty 5 gallon buckets and a ton of empty milk crates.

We know we will move again so we kept a large portion of the boxes we used to move to Grand Rapids. I especially love these paper boxes because they can be easily moved by me and the boxes are sturdier for special items.

More moving materials and Ben’s empty beer bottles. Ben gives away quite a bit of his beer so we like to have a stock pile of empty bottles for him to brew with. 
We aren’t ready to get rid of the milk crates yet because they make convenient little shelves for a basement or garage someday. We also have a lot of flattened boxes we will use the next time we move. Or to send a package. 
Our laundry area was addressed here in a previous post.

Ben’s winter tires are here, a few more empty totes for moving and the sawhorses Ben made and uses for his woodworking projects.

That’s our basement!


OH: Week 32

Organize Your Home: Week Thirty-Two

Organize Outdoor and Garden Storage Areas

Our garden items are stored in a milk crate in our basement. Nothing too exciting. Our big garden items are stored in the entryway along with our BBQ tools in a medium size tote. Eventually I hope we have a garden area in our garage someday but until then… 

As for outdoor areas since we rent we don’t have anything outside except for some flowers we planted, two chairs and a small table. 

Steps for this week‘s challenge:

1. Declutter Your Home’s Outdoor and Garden Storage

2. Organize Your Garden Tools, Equipment and Supplies

3. Organize Your Deck, Patio and/or Pool Areas

4. Organize Your Outdoor Storage Sheds Bins and/or Buildings On Your Property

Our beautiful Morning Glory, Gladiolas and other beautiful plants aren’t looking so beautiful. It was time to winterize our patio and get rid of the dead plants. They served us well!


Our porch may not look too bad but the mums were dead and around the corner..

Were even more dead plants..

I got rid of the dead plants – threw the plants in the backyard to compost and disposed of the containers. I took the pots and brought them downstairs. I also brought our Foxglove downstairs to bring out again next summer. I then swept the porch and the sidewalk.

A cleaner and clutter free porch. This was good timing for this challenge because I could get the porch ready for the winter.
The other side of our porch has our Adirondack chairs and ReSale store find/Ben’s table project.

In the basement..

Where we store our garden supplies. Three milk crates stacked up to create our garden storage.

The bottom crate has our various fertilizers and soils. The second crate has our garden tools and small tote with garden gloves, seeds, etc. 

The top crate has empty pots, Foxglove and on the top is our plastic water catchers.

Ben wanted to keep these so they hang in our basement too.

OH: Week 31

Organize Your Home: Week Thirty-One

Craft Organization

This can be a tough one for me. Sometimes after I complete a craft I may have some left overs remaining. Extra beads, felt, wooden blocks, paint, dowels, etc. I have finally began to understand that with these small amount of remaining supplies I can’t usually complete a whole project. Also, so many projects I do are customized to the person getting the craft that it could be years before I found someone to recreate the project for. 

I avoided this challenge for a few weeks and decided it was time to tackle my craft drawers. 

Steps for completing this week‘s challenge:

1. Declutter Craft Supplies and Gather Everything Into One Area

2. Sort Remaining Craft Supplies Into Categories

3. Clear an Area or Room To Do Your Crafts In

4. Utilize Craft Storage Solutions To Containerize Everything


My craft area was in the office next to the desk in the three plastic drawers.


The craft area was spilling over on the floor.

I took out all the drawers, took everything out and cleaned them out. Decluttered the drawers and put everything back. There wasn’t a big change, promise.

This is my sewing/crocheting/knitting drawer.

General crafts (magnets, glue sticks, glue gun) and painting supplies. I use a Cool Whip lid as a pallet and then clean it off. I’ve used the same one for years! I use my paints more frequently than the rest of the items in this drawer which is why they are the main focus.

Card/Stationery Drawer.

I had a small pile of items to donate or throw away. Every little thing counts!!


For my final step I pulled everything out of this closet and vacummed the floors. Then rearranged it a bit to add the craft drawers in here. Our work bags and my purse are hanging in this closet, the basket has our winter apparel in, our vacuum lives in the closet, all our jackets/vests/Ben’s sweatshirts/flannels live here and my scrapbook totes. 
My two scrapbook totes. The blue one has scrapbooking supplies and the bottom one has empty scrapbooks and half finished scrapbooks (I know they are on my to do list..).

This was done a few months ago and I am loving having all my craft supplies in one space and the extra space in the baby’s room!

OH: Week 30

Organize Your Home: Week Thirty
Organize Your Garage

Still working on catching up on these! I’ll get there… 
I don’t have a garage but here are the steps for those of you who do! 

Steps for this week’s challenge:
1. Declutter Your Garage
2. Make a Plan For Your Garage Using Zones: car zone, workshop, storage zone, kids zone, etc.
3. Organize Items You’re Keeping In Your Garage
4. Consider Garage Storage Solutions: hooks and pegs, shelves, storage cabinets, overhead storage, etc. 
5. Label and Inventory Your Garage Storage: free printable available here

My future garage would look something like this!

Labeled storage for the kids outdoor toys! 
Garden Center – with all those cabinets and drawers!
Ben’s work space – I’m sure he would keep it organized too.. 

OH: Week 29

Organize Your Home: Week Twenty-Nine
Attic Organization

We do have an attic but it creeps me out so… none of our belongings are up in the attic. We do have a few things in the basement (I’ll get to that soon) and nothing in the attic. I’ll still share the information for this challenge.

1. Get One or More Partners To Help With Attic Organizing: This is likely a big task for those who store items in the attic. You’ll need someone to help moving things and since an attic may be a bit dangerous it is nice to have extra support.
2. Declutter Your Attic: Most of the items up there may have been forgotten. Time to find someone else to love them!
3. Categorize Items and Assess Where They Should Be Stored: Is the attic the best place to store the items or is there somewhere else that is better suited. 
4. Create Zones In Your Attic For Your Storage Categories: Think about what items you need most and put those closer to the attic entrance. 
5. Label and Inventory Your Attic Storage:  If you have items in containers, label them and put them in areas together. A free label can be found at the organizing website here.

Some day I hope my attic looks like this!!

This is a beautiful play room! Someday… my attic will look like this!! 

OH: Week 28

Organize Your Home: Week Twenty-Eight
Organize Photos

Whoa… I take A LOT of photos. And usually take multiple shots of one moment. This means I have tons of duplicates and because of my MASSIVE camera card I haven’t taken any photos off my camera. (Terrible I know… if something went wrong goodbye memories of the last 8 months) This challenge will be a difficult and tedious one. But a very important one. I’m going to work hard on this one and will try to document what I’ve done along the way.

Steps recommended for this weeks’ challenge:
1. Gather Loose Photos and Photo Albums From Around The House Into One Central Location
2. Sort Loose Photos Into Categories To Hole In Photo Storage Boxes
    a. Categorize Your Photos
    b. Declutter and Toss Certain Photos While You Sort, When Possible
    c. Label Dividers As Much As Possible
    d. Label The Outside Of Each Photo Box and Store Appropriately
3. Make Plans To Slowly Put Pictures Into Albums Or Scrapbooks From Boxes Over Time
4. Make Plans To Digitize Some or All Of Older Physical Photos (Optional)
5. Rotate and Add New Framed Photos Around Your Home
6. Properly Organize and Store Negatives and Slides
7. Organize Digital Photos and Back Them Up
8. Create Routines and Habits For How to Organize Photos from Now On

Alright.. let’s get started.
1. Gather Loose Photos and Photo Albums From Around The House: I had some photos that didn’t fit into the photo boxes I had. I went through them and put them into the photo boxes.

These were the random photos I had. 

2. a. Catergorize Photos: Mine are done by date and in photo boxes.
    b. Declutter and Toss: I got rid of more photos than I thought I would. I got rid of doubles, blurry photos, bad photos, etc. 
    c. Label Dividers: Most of my photos were sorted in chronological order and most were even labeled with the date of the event. 
    d. Label Box Outside: I haven’t done this before and struggled remembering what box was for what year. A new label changed that! Each box got two address labels marked with what was inside. There was on label on the front and one on the side. 

Labeled by date. 

All of the photos after they have been decluttered and labeled. 

A close up of the label. 

3. Make Plans To Slowly Put Pictures Into Albums Or Scrapbooks From Boxes Over Time: I plan to scrapbook these photos and then start making photobooks online for the rest of the photos I haven’t printed. 

4. Make Plans To Digitize Some or All Of Older Physical Photos (Optional): Almost all of my photos are already digitized. Except for photos from birth-middle school. I don’t have plans of scanning them into my computer now. But maybe at some point just so I don’t lose them. 
5. Rotate and Add New Framed Photos Around Your Home: I did that within the year. 
6. Properly Organize and Store Negatives and Slides: We don’t have any. (yeah we are that young…)

7. Organize Digital Photos and Back Them Up: Phew… this one was intense! I’m still not done but I figured this was a good start! I spent quite a long time going through all the photos on my computer and organizing them by year and month. I also put them on my external hard drive. Photos safe! 

A big mess! I hadn’t put pictures on my computer since January. Whoops! 

A closer look at the mess on my computer! So cluttered! 

I still need to go through the photos and delete the duplicates but this is a start. 

8. Create Routines and Habits For How to Organize Photos from Now On: For how many times I put my camera card in my computer I really need to start putting the photos on my computer on a bi-weekly basis! Let’s see if I can do it! 

I’m still not done with photo organization but the rest will have to wait for another day. I’ve got some work to do! 

OH: Week 27

Organize Your Home: Week Twenty-Seven
Organize Pet Supplies

I am jumping around a bit. I am over a month behind in these challenges and a few will take me some time to complete. I am going to work hard to catch up in the next two weeks. I skipped ahead to a challenge I do not have to complete. Organizing Pet Supplies! But for those of you who do have pets…. time to get organizing. I also want to keep this as a record to reference when we do have pets! 🙂 

Steps for this weeks challenge:
1. Declutter Your Pet Supplies
2. Organize Your Pet Supplies Into Categories (for example: food/bowls, toys, grooming supplies, etc.)
3. Create A Pet Food Storage Area
4. Pet Toys Storage and Organization
5. Organize Miscellaneous Pet Supplies (pet medications, leashes, collars, grooming tools, etc.)
6. Organize Paperwork and Medical Information About Your Pets

When the time comes and we are able to adopt a dog (or two!) I’d love to be this organized! 

Love the chalkboard to write notes regarding your pets, the place to hang the leashes and of course a picture frame of your beloved family member!

For $50 from Meijer this is a nice {simple} option! 

Place for food and a place for other pet goodies. 
Not as pretty but at least it keeps many pet supplies in one location. This wouldn’t look bad in a garage or back entryway.