Month 2

As April passed Ben and I grew braver and ventured out on a few more adventures with Miles. This month Miles starting smiling and even gave us a few giggles. He has a very laid back personality that seems to be sticking even as he gets older.

Miles and Mommy take a picture together. We don’t have many together so I am going to attempt to take some as he grows! Our friend said Miles looks like a hulu dancer.
IMG_4526Lauren and I took the kids to Spoonlickers one afternoon. We all enjoyed our cool treats filled with sugary goodies! I think Erin and Addison would have added everything to their frozen yogurt if they could and who could blame them with some many delicious options to add.
IMG_4531Miles did what he usually did when he left the house – slept!
IMG_4532James wasn’t too sure what to think about his treat and didn’t eat too much of it. Addison didn’t mind helping him out!
IMG_4533Miles started sleeping in his crib at 4 weeks old. It was quite a struggle for a few weeks. Ben and I spent hours trying to get him to fall asleep in his crib or at least in his room. Ben spent quite a few nights sleeping on the floor in Miles’ room and Miles spent quite a few nights sleeping in his swing before he finally adjusted to sleeping in his crib. Over the course of May, Miles went from eating every two hours to eating every three hours and sometimes four hours. He also learned to fall asleep in his crib on his own which was wonderful because I could lay him down while still awake. IMG_4544Miles tried out the stroller for the first time when we walked down to the Farmer’s Market where we picked up some tomato plants, a pepper plant and some basil plants. Miles looked so tiny in such a big stroller.
IMG_4556 And as usual, our little Pirate eye made an appearance. IMG_4558Miles started wearing 0-3 month clothes in the middle of May and this was the first big boy outfit that he wore from Uncle Justin.
IMG_4565 Miles got this outfit from Aunty Lisa. Ben and I took some fun pictures of Miles while wearing it. Miles’ bug eyes come out in full force when he sees the orange light from my camera that appears right before the photo is taken.IMG_4586And this is what happens when Daddy quickly moves Miles towards the camera and freaks him out!! This could be my favorite photo of Miles!
IMG_4590Miles is very laid back but there were some day/nights when Miles was fussy and I couldn’t get much done – enter the Moby! I love our Moby. Miles hung out in the Moby one evening while Daddy was gone. I was able to do dishes, clean up the house and hang out outside while Miles hung out in the Moby Wrap.
IMG_4601Miles had a play date with his little friend from church. Miles put on his best outfit for his first date but he slept through it. His date decided to play with all his toys instead!
IMG_4603The cute little face that greets me each morning. This is Miles half sleeping in the early morning hours.
IMG_4644Miles started smiling around 4 weeks old but it took me weeks to take a picture of his sweet smile. This is the closest I got!
IMG_4657One of the neighbors in my hometown bought this play mat for Miles. He wasn’t too sure what to think about laying on his back to play but he did enjoy swatting at the toys.
IMG_4661 IMG_4665 IMG_4671There you have it, Miles during the month of May!


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