Meeting Family and Friends

Miles met a lot of family over the first few weeks of his life. Some drove quite a distance in order to meet Miles. His great aunt Addi drove three hours from Ohio, the Mathy’s drove an hour from Holland and cousin Noah sat in a car for about eight hours in order to meet Miles.

I didn’t get a picture with everyone but I did snap a photo of a lot of family and friends when they met Miles for the first time.

My cousin Noah came downstate for the first time. He rode with my parents and met Miles when he was one week old.

Noah also used FaceTime on his phone so Miles could “meet” his cousins Logan and Jonah and their mom Mandy, great Aunty Wendy and Great Grandma and Grandpa Kloida.  Sometimes I really love technology. I was so thankful everyone was able to “see” Miles and to talk with him.

FaceTime(click on the photos to enlarge them)
Ben’s Aunt and Uncle and their kids came to visit Miles a few days after he was born. Everyone held Miles, even though Jeremiah, the oldest boy, was reluctant at first. He did a great job trying out the football hold!
KruithofsAunti Addi came from Chicago to spend a few hours with Mr. Miles! Miles even opened his eyes for his Aunt and was awake for a bit!
AddiMy cousins, the Mathy’s, also came to visit that first week. Then my Aunty Sandy and Uncle Tom (bottom photos) came to visit the next week. I forgot to get a picture with cousin Sandy holding Miles but I will get one this weekend when we see her again! 
I also forgot to take pictures of some friends when they first met Miles but I did get a few pictures of some of our friends who visited. Starting at the top left and going clockwise; Addison (Lauren’s daughter), Alyssa (college friend and neighbor), Jordan and Lindsey (my friends from high school) and Lauren (Ben’s friend from high school). 
Meeting Friends


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