Month 1

In my attempt to catch up quickly I am going to do a few massive posts filled with lovely pictures of my little man. We have a big summer ahead of us and I know I will have lots to blog about! I have even managed to fit in some crafting since little man arrived so I want to show what I’ve been up to!

But before we can do that, here is a glimpse at Miles and his first month of life! He met lots of family members, had a lot of “firsts” and laid around looking cute. We were smitten with him (still are) so we take lots of pictures of him just laying around looking cute. Bear with me.

On our third morning with Miles I let Daddy sleep while Miles and I snuggled in the living room and caught up on some laundry and Facebook.

IMG_4201IMG_4204This was Miles’ bedroom for the first week. Pretty much everything he needed was within reach.

Miles loved the swaddle for just under two weeks. When we swaddled him he would instantly calm down and would sleep well. Then all of a sudden he hated it, but for two weeks it was wonderful!
It wasn’t until day three that we finally remembered to take a family photo. I wish we would have remembered on the day he was born but live and learn. 
Miles was showered with gifts during his first month of life. This adorable personalized gift came from our downstairs neighbor and college friend, Alyssa. She made the monogram and then painted it on the little box. The box was filled with diapering goodies that were quickly used! The box now holds some of Miles’ infant toys. 
Miles did a lot of sleeping during those first few days of life. Ben and I were actually pretty rested for the first few nights but that ended pretty quickly. We ended up being in bed from about 9pm – 11am for the first few weeks but only getting a few hours of sleep during that time.

Miles slept with us for the first month so we were able to catch quite a few pictures like the ones below!

IMG_4232 IMG_4233We lived in our bed for so much of the day/night that it often looked like this by mid afternoon. I used a ton of pillows just to get comfortable during the many hours I was nursing Miles and by morning there were random burp cloths and blankets in bed with us too. Many meals were had here too and most of the meals Ben fed me. Miles had an uncanny way of knowing when I was about to eat and demanding he eat first! 
When Ben found out he was going to be a father he instantly dreamed of playing video games with his child in his lap. Ben was able to live out his dream when Miles was a few days old. Coffee, video games and Miles – life was good! 
I had a hard time resisting snapping photos of Miles when he was sleeping. He was so peaceful and so beautiful! 
Miles was jaundice for the five weeks or so. We were advised to put him in the sun as much as we could so there was a lot of sunbathing happening during the first few weeks of his life. April was especially cold this spring so Ben made sure Miles stayed warm while having his nakey time. Miles was laying on a heating pad and a space heater was blowing in his general direction. Gramma helped make sure he wasn’t too warm but was warm enough! 
I soaked up every little detail of my sons’ body during those first few weeks. I snapped a few pictures of those little body parts that I knew wouldn’t be little for too long! 
IMG_4246 IMG_4247Welcome to the gun show! 
Gramma and Grampa watching over Miles has he sunbathed! 
Daddy getting nakey snuggles with his boy! Those little wrinkles are to die for! 
Grampa and Gramma soaked up every moment with Miles during the week they were with us! They spent the week in Kalamazoo and came to our house every day around noon. 
Uncle Casey came to visit Miles too! He earned extra points for bringing me more cookie dough! 
I was pretty concerned about Miles’ weight since I was breastfeeding so we used the scale that was belonged to Miles’ great-great grandma’s cousin, Betty. We continue to use the scale and love watching Miles grow! 
IMG_4259 IMG_4263 IMG_4264Miles got his first package from the Tramp family! It included clothes for Miles and chocolate for us, including chocolate cigars! 
As the days went on Miles became more alert and he tried out new faces. This is one of my favorite photos of his new expressions! 
Miles would get extra floppy after he filled his belly and sometimes he would fall asleep in the funniest poses and places. Daddy is especially proud of this photo that captures Miles sleeping like a man with his hand in a silly place. 
I still can’t get over those pinchable kissable cheeks! 
Gramma and Grampa visited for a week then went home for a week then came back for an extended weekend. Miles had already grown so much in one week! Everyone enjoyed snuggling with him. 
IMG_4296Miles lost his umbilical cord when he was around one week old. It didn’t last long but man I was glad when it was gone. It got quite stinky right before it fell off. It took awhile to heal up but his belly button looks fantastic now! 
Justin and Tia came as often as they could to see Miles. They were moving back home within a month of Miles being born so they made sure to be with Miles often. Sometimes Justin came by himself because Tia was finishing up her bachelor’s degree.

During one visit we decided to take Miles to the park and for me to actually get out of the house and go for a little walk. It was still quite chilly and windy so we bundled up Miles and headed out side. 
IMG_4307Our first time outside as a family!
IMG_4309 IMG_4314Miles’ first time at a park! 
Miles goes down the slide for the first time! Just kidding, but it did make for a fun picture! 
Parenthood rocks, but it wasn’t an easy transition. We often got distracted and didn’t finish tasks. Laundry would sit in the dryer for a few days, we would forget to eat food we cooked and in this case forget the faucet was running to fill up the sink to do dishes!

Thankfully when the sink overflowed it flowed into the other empty sink so no harm was done! 
Uncle Justin on another visit got to visit with Miles who was alert. Uncle Justin sang and danced with Miles! 
Daddy caught Miles and I sleeping one morning. There is nothing better than newborn snuggles! 
IMG_4325We were too nervous to cut Miles’ nails so Ben attempted to dull his claws with a baby emery board, that too was nerve wracking!
More sunbathing! 
Miles’ first car ride was to the Dr when he was two weeks old. He looked extra tiny in the car seat. At 2 months his feet hang off the edge! 
Miles’ great grandpa Bosch was in the hospital with heart problems during the first month of Miles’ life so Grandma and Grandpa would stop by on their way to/from the hospital to get some snuggles with Miles. 
Miles slept through most of the day and was alert more in the evenings. On this evening in particular Ben went grocery shopping for the first time and Miles and I were home alone for the longest time we had been alone. He did great! 
Here is another gift Miles received. This hat was given to us by Miles’ great-great grandma’s neighbor. Her sister made it for Miles! 
On another visit with my parents we made sure to take a few pictures as a family. Miles was not thrilled and cried through them. 
IMG_4374 IMG_4380 IMG_4381My parents wanted to buy Miles a swing so the boys went to Target and bought one with the features that they liked. This swing had all the features they wanted but they didn’t pay attention to the design. The swing was pink and flowery. Whoops! That one went back and they bought a gender neutral one instead! My parents also bought Miles a bouncer. 
Grampa worked hard to put the bouncer together for Mr. Miles.
IMG_4397While Miles tried out his new bouncer his dad and uncle put together his swing. 
IMG_4409He loved it so much that Miles gave us his first spit bubbles in appreciation. 
Miles couldn’t have a real bath for awhile due to his umbilical cord and then circumsicion so he had a few washcloth baths. We discovered that Miles’ hair gets curly when wet – swoon!
After Miles was nice and clean Daddy teased him by making him lick his toes. 
Miles quickly learned how to swat at his toys that hang over him in his bouncer. 
Finally a few weeks after he was born Miles was able to take a real bath. His first bath was in a roasting pan and he was NOT thrilled! 
IMG_4427 IMG_4432We wanted to make sure Miles was comfortable taking a bottle so around three weeks he has his first bottle and loved it! It only took a few minutes to eat his bottle compared to 40 minutes with mommy! 
Miles also had his first exposure to the Moby during his first month of life too. He didn’t always care for it but loves it now! 
Miles got extra snuggly with Uncle Justin during one of his visits. 
I bought a few little things before our baby was born and this was one. But by the time Miles wore this owl hat, it was already too small! Still made for a cute picture though! 
Miles learned how to use a pacifier when he was three and a half weeks old, the night before Aunty Tia graduated from Honors College. He loved it instantly!
IMG_4457Miles was able to watch Auntie Tia graduate from Honors College and get her Bachelors Degree from Western Michigan University. He did a wonderful job with all the chaos! 
We took some silly pictures with Miles while we waited for the graduation ceremony to start. 
IMG_4478 IMG_4483 IMG_4487Miles looking dashing after a bath with daddy. 
Before our baby was born I knew I wanted to do a birth announcement so I had made address labels for the people I knew I would send a birth announcement to and I also made boy and girl address labels so I was prepared either way!

Below are the two birth announcements that I made to send to our family and friends.
IMG_4512There you have it! Miles’ first month of life! Next is a post where Miles met his family and friends before we move onto month two!


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