Miles Day 2

On our first morning with Miles we woke up feeling fairly rested. Still tired after a long day the day before but we got a fair amount of sleep since Miles slept most of the night. Miles had his first real awake session that first morning while Daddy made breakfast. 
My view that first morning was Miles and a delicious plate of food! 
Ben made homemade hashbrowns and warmed up ham from Easter Sunday. 
We had a fairly chill day with only a couple visitors. My mom and dad came by around noon and helped us out by doing some dishes. Our midwife Yolanda came around the same time and checked on Miles and I.

It was at this time she checked pricked Miles’ foot and took a few blood samples to make sure he didn’t have any serious issues (he doesn’t!). She said we were both doing well! I was in some pretty intense pain near my tail bone and she figured out it was my muscles and not tail bone that was giving me trouble. A little biofreeze went a long way and I felt a ton better!

DSCF6645 Miles snuggling with Mommy. DSCF6641This is Miles milk drunk. He would get extra floppy after nursing and his eyes would roll back.

Miles sunbathing! He surprised us all and enjoyed it!
DSCF6612 - CopyAfter some sunbathing Miles got a little sponge bath from Mommy and Daddy while he was already nakey.
IMG_4180 IMG_4182Sweet naked snuggles with Daddy
IMG_4183After Miles was cleaned up a bit he had more snuggle time with Gramma and Grampa before they left around 7pm.
DSCF6622 DSCF6602Miles was most alert at night at the end of his second day. Daddy caught this photo with both of his eyes open. Miles would peek one eye open frequently throughout the day, we called it his pirate eye, but it was rare that both eyes would be open.
IMG_4196Goodnight baby.


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