Miles Day 1

Miles had his first visitors arrive around 2:30pm, Ben’s family. Grandma was the first to hold Miles. He wasn’t too happy but quickly calmed down thanks to Grandma’s special touch!
IMG_4141Grandpa looked on, clearly excited about the arrival of his second grandchild.
IMG_4144I think Ben’s mom looks like a supermodel in this photo! I love this one!
IMG_4149Grandpa’s turn to meet and hold Miles.
IMG_4150Casey was so excited and he looked so proud holding Miles for the first time. Uncle looks good on Casey!
IMG_4155Miles received a card and the start of his college fund and I got some cookie dough (without egg in it). It was a yummy treat and I loved having a spoonful throughout the day.
IMG_4157Ben’s family didn’t stay too long because they wanted to give my family some time with Miles too and well our bedroom isn’t too big and I wasn’t moving anytime soon! As my family arrived, Ben’s family left. I wish they could have stayed longer but also appreciated their thoughts behind not staying longer.

Then my family got to meet Miles. I know my parents and Tia were excited to meet Miles but I don’t think anyone was more excited than my brother, Justin! When they got the call around 8am that I was in labor, Justin paced like crazy and didn’t want to go to work. My family told him I could be in labor all day. Thankfully for their sake I wasn’t because I think Justin was tiring them out! Once they got the phone call around 10:30am that announced the birth of Miles, they decided they couldn’t be cooped up in the house anymore with Justin so they left Kalamzoo for Grand Rapids. After arriving in Grand Rapids they went to Cabela’s so Justin could buy Miles his first camo. I guess Justin worked himself up so much before the birth that he slept the car ride to Grand Rapids.They also stopped at Meijer and bought us some fruit and me some juice.

I know Justin would have loved our baby equally no matter what sex baby was but I think there is something special about a nephew. Justin has a niece whom he loves dearly but now he has a boy to hunt, fish and camp with (even though he enjoys those activities with his niece, Dani, too).

I imagine that my family fought over who would hold Miles first but when they came in, it was my mom who got to hold Miles first.

DSCF6583Then Grampa got to hold his first grandbaby!
IMG_4162Miles meeting Auntie Tia!
IMG_4166Uncle Justin has been waiting for this moment all day but was patient enough to let everyone else hold Miles first!
IMG_4168Uncle Justin gave Miles his first camo outfit when Miles was just a few hours old! After spending some time with Miles my family gave us some time alone and did some more shopping. They bought Miles some BOY clothes and other boy goodies.

When my family came back the boys walked to Cherry St. Deli and bought sandwiches around 7pm. They spent some more time getting in more snuggles with Miles and then my family went back to Kalamazoo for the night.

DSCF6596 DSCF6598

I believe Ben, Miles and I were in bed around 9pm, if not earlier. Miles slept in his pack and play for part of the night but we weren’t super comfortable with that so he ended up sleeping with us for most of the night. Miles slept through most of the night so we actually woke up fairly rested.


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