Week 39

Week 39I am a bit bummed and forgot to take a 39 week photo but my mom did snap this picture on Easter, the last night I was pregnant. 
Week 39 LetterHow far along?  
39 weeks

Total weight gain/loss:  35 pounds, more than I thought I’d gain..

Maternity clothes? Yoga pants, Ben’s shirts, Ben’s pajama bottoms and my work shirt… that is my wardrobe! When I go out in public my options are a dress with leggings.. yup, my wardrobe is quite limited at this point.

Sleep: Still can’t really complain. Good night, not so good nights and very little sleep nights are all a possibility at this point. I did sneak in a few naps this week though so life is good.

Best moment this week: I was thrown a surprise baby shower at work. The kids made group cards on large pieces of paper and I received a few gifts from my staff. The kids loved on the bump giving the baby hugs, tickling baby and trying to find baby’s butt (they were successful!). Of course, baby slept through the party despite the children’s best efforts to wake baby up.

Movement: Baby is most active after my daily half glass of orange juice and in the evenings as I am settling in for the night. <——– same as the last few weeks

Food cravings: Still craving sugary treats and carbs, both of which I am doing my best to cut out in the past two weeks. I would give up chocolate for three days (whoa!) if I could have a bowl of rice right now! Few more weeks..

Gender: Ben and I have both agreed that this is the part we are most excited for, to figure out if we have a son or daughter!

Belly Button in or out? Flat…gross..

What I miss: My normal self. I love being pregnant but I do miss my wardrobe, my shoes (I only wear ones I can put on by myself… so slip on ones), and being able to play with the kids at work.

What I am looking forward to: Seeing my family this weekend. They are coming down for my mom’s Spring Break with hopes of meeting their grandbaby. We will get to celebrate Easter together! I’m also looking forward to Spring Break/maternity leave. I am officially done with work and look forward to some time of rest and relaxation before baby arrives.

Milestones: On Wednesday, Ben and I went for a walk and we snuck away to a nearby cemetery that we often walk through. While we were there Ben challenged me to some intense fast walking and at one point we were (I was…Ben was fast walking..) sprinting through the cemetery. I called it sprinting, others may have called it waddling quickly, but the result was the same. Some extra intense Braxon Hicks contractions and a giggly mom and dad-to-be.  I’m thankful for the beautiful weather coming our way after all the snow/rain/hail/sleet we experienced this week.


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