Baby Week: DIY Nursing Tops

Baby WeekAlong with adorable little baby things I wanted to share something that isn’t so adorable but equally necessary when our little one arrives – nursing clothing.

I bought a few maternity shirts and was given a few more maternity dresses/tops from my family as gifts but I really don’t have a ton of clothes that I can nurse in without stripping down every time. I was on a search for a few months stopping at all the maternity sections and looking for nursing tops and tanks on sale or in the clearance section. Nothing.. everything is still $20 or more and I don’t like to spend money, especially on myself, especially on clothes.

Enter Pinterest.

I saw this pin, originally posted here.

I am not willing to spend $30 on one tank top. So instead, I bought two $12 tank tops on sale for $5 each for a total of $10 spent on two DIY nursing tank tops.

Here’s how I did it! Took less than 20 minutes and $10 to make these.

1. Grab your cami, I used one with a built in bra for extra support. I also bought a size up from my normal size. I usually wear small but have a few medium ones I have been using throughout this pregnancy and it will be helpful to have a bigger size postpartum.

IMG_40202. Flip the tank top inside out and lay it down with the tag facing up.

3. Cut the strap closest to the tag right at the seam.
IMG_40214. Create a little loop and if you need to use a pin to keep it from moving.
IMG_4022 5. Sew down the loop, leaving a long tail from the cut strap. IMG_40236. Cut off the rest of the strap that is hanging down.
IMG_40247. Your done! Now go try it out!

Here is what the finished product will look like.

IMG_4026$10 + 20 minutes = 2 Nursing Tank Tops


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