Baby Week: Homemade Gifts

Baby WeekAs I was taking pictures of all the homemade gifts our little one has received  I was completely blown away at the kindness of our family and friends. When I mentioned this to Ben his response was, “we are so incredibly blessed.” We really are! I can’t imagine the time, effort and love that went into these projects! So many of the other gifts we received were also incredibly thoughtful. We. are. blessed.

To start here are two special pieces that hang in our lil’ peanut’s nursery, each made by a cousin of mine. Cousin, Kaitlyn made the fingerprint artwork on the left and my cousin Noah made the hanging sign on the right. (click on the photos to enlarge them).

Art PiecesHere are some special hats for baby. One bought by Grandma Kelly, embroidered by Great-Grandma Judy and another made by my Grandma Judy’s friend, Joan.

HatsBaby also received an embroidered onesie to match the elephant hat above that says lil’ peanut on it and six geeked out onesies made by our friend, Lauren. 3 Harry Potter ones and 3 Star Wars ones with quotes like “Mischief Managed” and “The Force is Strong With This One.” Those are in a “big kid clothes” tote and I’ll be sure to show off those outfits when my model is wearing them!

Below are fabric cubes my mom made, my aunt made a few wash cloths all with a design inside, Ben’s mom made seven animal bibs and my aunt made four hooded towels (two infant ones and two toddler ones).

MiscBaby has received numerous special blankets! My mom crocheted one, Ben’s mom made a huge fleece quilt, my colleague’s wife made the softest, fluffiest blanket and my Grandma Judy embroidered one and gave it to me a few years ago.

Blankets 1

Mandy and my cousins surprised us with a beautiful embroidered Harry Potter blanket that Mandy’s friend made. We also got a the cutest dog blanket from Lance’s parents. Lance is one of our best friends and was Ben’s groomsmen. His mom made this quilt and the dogs ears move. Ben’s sister made a super soft and comfy fleece quilt that matches baby’s room so well!

Blankets 2

We can’t wait for our lil’ peanut to use all these special gifts!


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