Baby Week: DIY Artwork

Baby WeekI found a ton of cute art pieces on etsy but couldn’t press those final buttons to buy them. They were so expensive and not quite what I was imagining for our baby’s nursery so the solution was to make my own! I knew I wanted to create animals and paste them on canvas. I considered fabric and paper and choose paper since I thought it would look more “finished” when the art was created. I wasn’t sure I could make the fabric look as neat and tidy.

Next step was to find an adhesive that would keep the paper stuck to the canvas. This is what I came up with (thankfully I had both on hand).

IMG_3973I went shopping at JoAnn’s Fabric and Hobby Lobby and grabbed some fun patterns in yellow and grey. I then decided on the elements of the art pieces and drew them on the paper. Daddy helped with some of the design and approved them throughout the process. I needed some extra support!
IMG_3974I laid out the pieces as I was creating them to make sure I liked the piece as a whole. Then I adhered the paper to the canvas.
IMG_3994I put the paper down on cardboard before spraying the adhesive spray. I then went back with a tiny brush and Modge Podge to make sure everything was attached well.
IMG_3975Here are the three pieces all together. Each one contains a mommy/daddy and a baby and each art piece contains a heart or two.
IMG_3992Here is a close-up of the other two pieces. Ben designed this one and I designed the other two.
IMG_3995 IMG_3993After about a week or two of drying I double checked to make sure the paper was still sticking well. Then the next step was to find a tall handsome man to put the art pieces up and make sure they were level. Enter tall handsome man.
IMG_4029Here they are up and ready for baby!


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