Week 37

Week 37 photoWeek 37
How far along?  
37 weeks

Total weight gain/loss:  yup, not in the mood to talk about weight gain…

Maternity clothes? Same old same old. This week we had a significant drop in the temperature and I realized how big my belly has gotten in the last month. The weather has been nicer and with the winter temperatures returning I realized how much of a gap could be found under my coat and my poor belly was freezing outside!

Sleep: The week started off well – but the last few nights have been a struggle. I honestly think a large portion is stress related. I’m hoping to have a really productive few days to relieve this stress and see if that helps. Otherwise I spend about half of my night wide awake/trying to fall back asleep.

Best moment this week: Finding out that baby is in the best position possible for birth and now my job is to help baby move down. The phrase locked and loaded is running through my head all the time. Another great moment was getting a homemade blanket from someone I work with the grant. His wife made me our little one a gorgeous blanket and it was a wonderful surprise!

Movement: Baby wasn’t moving too much for most of the week and I was feeling quite sad. But all of a sudden baby is moving a ton more and is back to normal as of two days ago! Yeah! I love these movements!

Food cravings: The usual.. chocolate (that is a non-pregnancy non-stop craving!) and OJ!

Gender: I’m running out of old wive’s tales… I am hoping to get more votes here to see what you think!! We are at 50/50! www.whatsinmybelly.com/532 Vote here! Pretty please.

Belly Button in or out? This belly button just keeps getting creepier.. now it is just flat… strange.. not in, not out.. just flat..

What I miss: Doing dishes for more than three minutes without some serious back pain. Maybe this means I shouldn’t do dishes anymore.. haha. Ben does 90% of them and I typically do a small load in the middle of the day and that’s it.

What I am looking forward to: Putting the car seat base in the Escape and having our home visit with our midwife on Wednesday! I’m also super excited for daddy to go get the rest of baby’s furniture – a night stand that will go next to the rocking chair and a toy/book storage solution! By the end of the weekend all baby’s furniture will be in place!

Milestones: This baby is full-term!!!! Baby won’t likely make his/her appearance for another month but it is so wonderful knowing our baby will likely be completely healthy if they are born RIGHT NOW! We are in no rush to hurry along to the next step but we can not wait until the moment you are in our arms for the first time. We can’t wait to kiss you, snuggle with you and see your beautiful face!

And because I love this photo, here is the same photo that appeared above without the letter to baby!

Baby and daddy editedAnd an photo outtake from our little photo session..

Nom nom..

Eating baby at 37 weeks


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