Pinterest Challenge: Adjustable Crib Sheet

Pinterest Winter ChallengeIt’s that time again! The time when Young House Love and Bower Power team up with a few other bloggers to challenge all their readers to stop pinning and start doing!

You can read up on the challenge here and while you are there check out the super adorable video that their kids created inviting the readers to participate!

For this challenge I knew I wanted to do something for the nursery since it had been months since I’ve done anything crafty in the baby’s room. Since I was going out of town for the weekend and didn’t have a lot of time I choose a project that I could do in one sitting and something that would make a big impact!

Bring in the adjustable crib skirt..

I used the tutorial from a blog called View Along the Way. You can check out the tutorial here. I read the tutorial a month or so ago and when I started this project I just dove into without rereading the tutorial. I did some things differently because of the type of crib we had. So let’s get started!

First a look at how boring the crib looked. The crib was in desperate need of something fun! Ben and I picked out some colorful fabric to add to the crib.

IMG_3813Before I could get started I measured the crib. I measured the height of the front and the length. I also took separate measurements of the side. 
IMG_3816 - CopyI laid out the prewashed fabric and cut off all the little strings that appeared after washing the fabric. 
IMG_3817I then measured the fabric being sure to leave 1 in. extra on each side for the hem.
IMG_3818I pinned the edges and then started sewing!
IMG_3819Throughout the process I kept taking the fabric back to the crib and checking to make sure it would fit. I was pretty nervous about the project because it has to fit the length perfectly!

Once the four sides were hemmed I brought the panel to the crib. To make the crib skirt adjustable I used velcro. When we lower the crib as baby grows the crib skirt can be adjusted so it doesn’t drag on the ground.

In the blog tutorial that I used, she used push pins to adjust the crib skirt. I had velcro on hand so I used that.
IMG_3820I was able to save some fabric and time when creating the side panels. Since the side has a solid piece of wood I created a tiny little panel and attached it to the bottom of the crib with velcro. When we lower the crib the only panel we will have to adjust is the front panel. 
IMG_3822Here is the final product!
IMG_3823The whole project took me about 2.5 hours and that is with some sewing machine problems, many potty breaks and of course a break to make up some homemade french fries.

Now for the before and after!

I think a little fabric made a big difference!
Adjustable Crib Skirt


4 thoughts on “Pinterest Challenge: Adjustable Crib Sheet

    • It was so simple and it made such a big impact! We love our cheapo IKEA rug! We’ve had it for almost two years and it still is in great shape. It migrated from the living room to the nursery. 🙂

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