Ready, Set, GO!

Life around the Holidays is busy, that isn’t news to anyone. But after the Holidays my work took over my life. I attended conferences, spent some time away from home and had a few weeks where I was working 10 hour days, every day. I was writing a grant application to continue the program I currently am running. The grant gives our program $135,000 to run a quality program for our little ones. Towards the end of writing this competitive grant, my boss’ boss told us we couldn’t apply.

So… in saying all that.. because of work being so busy my life was put on hold. We didn’t see much of our friends and family, working on the nursery was put on hold, updating the blog was paused as well. I had a four day weekend last weekend where I made that time about me. I caught up with friends and work around the house. This weekend we are visiting my family. I feel refreshed. I’m ready to get back to preparing for our little one, sharing our life with our blog readers, spending quiet evenings with my husband and catching up with family and friends. So here is to surprise ending that resulted in a recharged me!

The last two months have been crazy but we did our best to squeeze in some fun as well! Here is a glimpse at what we did during January!

January started as January always starts. Celebrating the end of one year and beginning of another. Our good buddy, Lance, was able to join us for the second year in a row! We enjoyed a chill night at our place. We went out at midnight and popped poppers, hugged and did our yearly tradition of burning the things we want to start the new year without.

After half a dozen pictures, not one turned out…
IMG_3628This one is my favorite!

For as long as I can remember my family has always taken a few minutes at the start of the New Year to write down things we want to start the New Year without, bad memories from the best year, etc. We then burn them to signify leaving the things behind.
IMG_3622 A week or so later, Lance was back! We had dinner with his parents and then Lance stayed the night again. We were able to drive him to the airport as he headed back to grad school in Florida.

While he was here, we tried out a new Kinnect game we got.

It got intense!

I think I was doing the long jump here.. not sure..


The boys racing and jumping hurdles!

IMG_3663I love these boys!

We didn’t get a chance to celebrate the holidays with our church pals so instead we got together for brunch after the holiday chaos had passed.

Ben and I made fruit kabobs to add to our brunch!

IMG_3665 IMG_3666

They were quite yummy and cute too!

Ben acquired this from his parent’s house.


His great-great grandpa made it in 1870!

A different post will show you what Ben did with it!

Ben spent an evening out with some buddies, I spent the evening in bed relaxing!


These were my friends for the evening! Caramel cookie crunch gelato and hot chocolate!

We got together with some of Ben’s co-workers and their families one evening. Ben brewed with his buddy, Matt, and the rest of us spent some time socializing and playing with Matt’s two little girls.

Matt’s wife is due a month after I am so I made a chocolately dessert perfect for two pregos!


I made a chocolate cake, poked holes in it using a straw, poured chocolate pudding over it and then crushed up Oreos on top. It sat in the fridge for a few hours before we dug into the gooey chocolately deliciousness!

IMG_3721I have spent some time deep cleaning different areas of our home. I had a to do list all written one morning but that to do list was thrown out the window when I opened the pantry one morning and saw this….
A mouse had somehow gotten into our pantry and chewed into two bags of flour and a handful of other items. I spent quite a bit of time inspecting everything and getting rid of anything the mouse had snacked on. EW! Thankfully we haven’t seen anything since this photo was taken and the trap we set is still empty!

The end of January was spent in Kalamazoo celebrating my future sister-in-law’s birthday! We “surprised” her by decorating the apartment. 
IMG_3738Justin didn’t know where the tape was so he used a stapler to attach streamers to the wall.
IMG_3740The party supplies!
IMG_3745We had a few moments to spare and we snapped a few pictures!


Happy 22nd Birthday Tia!

IMG_3755Justin picked out this yummy Heath Ice Cream cake from Dairy Queen and we also went out to dinner to celebrate with the birthday girl!


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