Week 31 & Week 32

Week 31

Week 31 Letter

I spent an evening making three chicken freezer meals for when baby arrives!

How far along?  31 weeks

Total weight gain/loss:  Yup… I don’t want to talk about it….

Maternity clothes? Still rocking the belly band and I am still able to wear a few non-maternity shirts. My belly is starting to hang out though.. haha

Sleep: Hit or miss. Overall I sleep much better than I did a few months back and considering how gigantic I am, I’m sleeping quite well!

Best moment this week: Realizing we could possibly be in the single digits!

Movement: I’m pretty sure baby is head down.. baby has hiccups frequently and the hiccups are very low.

Food cravings: Still loving Orange Juice.. that’s about it… oh and chocolate. But that is normal!

Gender: Half of you think girl, and the other half think boy! I want to see more predictions!  www.whatsinmybelly.com/532

Belly Button in or out? I wonder if this button will ever be the same!

What I miss: I’m constantly afraid of falling when I go outside.I only wear my boots when I leave the house. I’m looking forward to wearing all my shoes again!

What I am looking forward to: Hearing my sweet baby’s heartbeat in a week!

Milestones: Making it to 31 weeks is quite the milestone! God is good!

Week 32

Week 32 Letter

How far along?  32 weeks

Total weight gain/loss:  Still not ready to discuss my weight gain…. whoops…

Maternity clothes? Spending most of my days in yoga pants and Ben’s shirts. The only days I have to wear something other than my work clothes I usually grab a maternity dress and a pair of leggings.

Sleep: Sleeping quite well this week!

Best moment this week: One night I slept through the night without waking up! I was exhausted so that may have led to the good night’s sleep, but it was so nice to get so much interrupted sleep!

Movement: Baby is head down! Our little one has got some sweet moves, he/she is always wiggling their little booty and knocking against my ribs!

Food cravings: Nothing this week. 

Gender: Still unknown but boy or girl, we are finally ready! We have settled on a baby name (and the spelling of the name)!

Belly Button in or out? This creepy thing is so out!

What I miss: Being able to get in my car without struggle.

What I am looking forward to: Showing off my big ole belly to my family in a few weeks!

Milestones: Another great midwife appointment. Baby and I are doing well!!


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