Many Christmases

This year Ben and I celebrated many Christmases. We had Christmas with our immediate families (2), Christmas with the extended families (4), Christmas with friends and a brunch with our church pals. The brunch was after the New Year so we had a bit of a break before that one.

The Friday before Christmas we got together with the DeRuischers to exchange gifts. Addison and Erin were more than happy to help everyone open their presents. 
IMG_3529Erin got a paint book that has dried paint on the top of each page so it isn’t as messy yet still easy enough for her to do by herself.


Addison’s pattern block setIMG_3534 IMG_3537James playing with his new toy.

Ben got some hang out time with James and they made lots of funny faces at the camera while the girls played with their new toys!
IMG_3540On Sunday we got together with Ben’s family for lunch after church. On Monday, Christmas Eve, we opened gifts with Ben’s family. This was the first year in awhile that we’ve all been together. This is a traditional picture taken in order of oldest to youngest.

IMG_3561 IMG_3563I made Bill and Alyssa a book with as many wedding pictures as I could fit (plus a few additional pages I bought because I couldn’t cut out more!).

On Christmas morning we got together once more to open our stockings. Then Ben and I made the long trek to my hometown to celebrate Christmas with my family. It was the first time Ben spent Christmas day with my family!

IMG_3564Later that day we celebrated Christmas with my family!
IMG_3565 IMG_3568Yup, we were quite spoiled by both families!
IMG_3569My parents got spoiled too!
IMG_3570Our lil’ peanut got a personalized gift complete with baby’s first ornament!
IMG_3574One of the gifts we bought my dad!
IMG_3575The aftermath.
IMG_3576Great-Grandma Margaret was mad about the mess we made and tried to get the boys to clean it up right away. Instead she got covered in wrapping paper.
IMG_3577My handsome brother and his beautiful bride-to-be.

I tend to ignore my camera, cell phone and computer during family times like this. I know I should take more pictures but I love not worrying about it and just enjoying the time spent with my family. We don’t get enough time together with three of the five siblings on Ben’s side of the family living out of state and us living 8 hours away from my family so every moment together was spent focusing on family – not technology! So that’s it for the pictures!


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