Our Little Christmas

Ben and I had our own little Christmas. Ben brought home dinner from a local restaurant and after eating together we decided to have our Christmas. We opened a few gifts and enjoyed our evening together. We celebrated Christmas in a funny way this year. We opened one gift each week for three weeks! It was super fun. We were so impatient and pretty much exchanged gifts shortly after they were bought. We opened the last few gifts two days before Christmas Eve – the last night we had to ourselves before the craziness of Christmas began.

This was the aftermath!

IMG_3504And here are the goodies! This is what we exchanged over three weeks.
IMG_3505I gave Ben enough X-box points to get the expansion pack to one of his favorite games, Skyrim, his second brand new video game, Assassins Creed and a beer ornament. Baby gave daddy a Star Wars ABC book for them to read together. Ben gave me a Willow Tree pregnancy figure, a glass water bottle (that was the one gift I requested!), Fun. Some Nights CD and a pregnancy ornament.

Every year since we started dating in 2006 we have exchanged ornaments. We typically buy an ornament that represents the past year. Past ornaments include Mickey Mouse because I called Ben mouse before we started dating, a lime green lobster because I tried seafood for the first time, a tomato because we started our first little garden of three tomato plants and a teacher ornament the year I graduated college.

These are the ornaments that were exchanged this year.

IMG_3507We write the year and the reason for giving the ornament on the back of the ornament. The bottom of Ben’s ornament says Ben’s Brewery and represents Ben’s year of brewing multiple batches of beer and teaching numerous other people how to brew. My ornament has the year on the back and on the purse it says Best Present Ever.

We will continue this tradition with our children and buy them an ornament that reflects our past year together.

Ben came up with some pretty unique gift tags this year! I loved what he wrote!

IMG_3509 - Copy (2)I am part of a Facebook group with a group of women who are all due in April. A lot of abbreviations are used and DH is one of the most common ones. DH stands for Dear Husband. Ben picked up on this and used the abbreviation on a present. Totally made my day!

Ben has made me breakfast in bed before so I returned the favor the next morning and made him breakfast in bed. I attempted to make a few fun pancakes and while my talents aren’t up to par with Ben’s – at least you can tell what I attempted to make!

A heart, baby and ornament.. haha I tried! I will keep practicing!

That was how we spent our little Christmas together with our growing family! I can’t wait to see what our Christmas looks like together next year!


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