Evolution of a Christmas Tree


For the last two years we have picked out and bought a real Christmas tree from a local grocery store. This year because Ben is pals with the workers they give us $5 off our Christmas tree. Ben picked it out last year and I picked out the Christmas tree this year – it was a little on the big side.

Step 1: Clear out a space for your gigantic tree and get the tr
ee stand ready.IMG_3401Step 2: Get the tree off the car top. 
Step 3: Bring the tree inside with supervision from your brother-in-law and wife. 
IMG_3407Step 4: Put the tree in the tree stand.

IMG_3409Step 5: Make sure you have enough lights to fill the entire tree.
IMG_3425Step 6: Run to Meijer and pick up more lights.

Step 7: Get out the box of ornaments and start decorating!
IMG_3432Ben was so excited that have bought and wrapped my presents early this year. He stuck this one for me under the tree before we even finished decorating the tree.
IMG_3435Ben working hard to find the perfect home for all the ornaments.
IMG_3436My belly came in handy this year as I opened up presents on it and straightened tissue paper using the bump.
IMG_3440Ben took lots of pictures of me and baby decorating the tree.
IMG_3444Da bump!
IMG_3445Our tree!!! I was absolutely in love with our tree this year!
IMG_3449Blurry picture of our tree with some presents under it.
IMG_3498Before I separated and packed up our gifts for the various Christmas parties we attended I took a few pictures to show all the goodies under our trI wrapped the presents for GR folks in this wrapping paper.

IMG_3501And Menominee folks got the blue wrapping paper.
IMG_3502By Christmas Eve our tree was looking quite bare again.

Our presents will sit under the tree for a few days so we can show my family what we received and then all our new gifts will find a home in our home!
I think decorating our Christmas tree is just as exciting as opening up gifts with our family! For Ben and I it was the first time I really felt like Ben and I were our own little family.


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