A quick look at our November (so I can get caught up on where we are “real” time by the start of 2013!). Let’s do this…

At the beginning of November baby voted. Well I voted but baby came and hung out with me!

baby votedBen and I spent an entire Saturday at BabiesRUs registering for goodies for Baby H.
IMG_3242Ben brewed beer with a pal from church.
IMG_3248I went with my in-laws and brother in law to Ohio to watch my dear, sister-in-law run in Nationals. My cousin who lives in Ohio came too to support her and visit!
IMG_3297I spent  A LOT of time in November sewing… for baby! (and watched Seasons 1-5 of Grey’s Anatomy).
IMG_3306I made wash cloths and burp cloths.
IMG_3316And started my stock pile of homemade wipes.
IMG_3315I made a little upgrade in our bathroom by replacing our Bath and Body Works soap with a new dispenser and whipping up my own soap solution with Bronner’s and water.
IMG_3324I got a baby shower invitation… to my own shower! This invitation is created by my mom.
IMG_3327Ben took me on a belated birthday date and we spent an afternoon painting pottery.
IMG_3338 IMG_3345We began work in the nursery, but have a long way to go!
IMG_3350On Thanksgiving the tradition continued with all the kids piling on one another.. and on my poor mother-in-law.
IMG_3379And then the pile shifted and my brother-in-law as the bottom.
IMG_3385Our Thanksgiving Feast!
IMG_3386Towards the end of November I got a second baby shower invitation for my shower thrown by my mother-in-law and sisters. Apparently my moms had the same idea! I love it!
IMG_3387That was November.. in a nut shell. We didn’t do too much actually. Spent a lot of time preparing for the Holidays and a lot of time working. But December… so much fun was had! Stay tuned!


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