Week 23

Week 23

Our week was extra busy with Christmasy things and I forgot to take a picture. This one was taken at 23 weeks and one day. 

Week 23 Letter(click on the photo to enlarge it)

The background to this photo is a sneak peek at the nursery.

How far along?  23 weeks

Total weight gain/loss:  +13

Maternity clothes? I’m down to a few work pants and got a few maternity shirts in the mail this week. Still avoiding maternity clothes for now but I’m thinking it won’t be long and I’ll be wearing them constantly.

Sleep: My cold has gone away enough so I can get some sleep again! Yeah!

Best moment this week: A few parents at work have finally mentioned the elephant in the room. Some of the older kids are finally talking about the baby and asking so many great questions! Ben got to see baby in action and watched my belly moving around!

Movement:  Feeling the most movement when I am relaxing. Either early in the morning before I begin work or late in the evening before bed.

Food cravings: Nothing really this week.

Gender: According to another Old Wive’s Tale if the dad-to-be is gaining some extra weight baby is a girl! Well.. girl it is!

Belly Button in or out? It’s happening!! I looked down after my shower and was greeted by my belly button!! It is not a full outie but my innie is definitely not considered an innie anymore!

What I miss:  This week? Nothing! I’m just so content right now with life!

What I am looking forward to: Putting together baby’s crib and finishing getting the dresser painted!

Milestones:  Had another check-up today and baby is measuring perfectly!! Mommy is healthy too! So thankful for a great appointment!


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