Week 22

Week 22Week 22 LetterThe new way I wear my pants! 

How far along?  22 weeks

Total weight gain/loss:  +11

Maternity clothes? Still hanging in there and sticking with my non-maternity clothes!

Sleep: Still didn’t sleep well this week but I blame the cold I have and not baby.

Best moment this week: A lot of kids at work found out I’m having a baby! Baby has been tickled, poked, rubbed, kissed and loved on by my youngest kiddos.

Movement:  With the cold I’ve had, I cough a lot at night. Baby doesn’t like to be disturbed and promptly kicks and punches me when I cough. I caught baby moving on camera! Check it out here.

Food cravings: Oreos… and chocolate.. and peanut butter. This problem was solved. Chocolate covered Oreos and a bag of peanut butter filled chocolate. Don’t worry Ben got his own bag of chocolate and some Cheetos to satisfy his cravings! haha

Gender: According to another Old Wive’s Tale if you are clumsier than normal it’s a boy. I run into walls all the time and can usually be found making a mess somewhere.

Belly Button in or out? My not-so-innie is looking the same for the past two weeks.

What I miss:  I’m still missing being able to take some NightQuil and cough drops when I am sick.

What I am looking forward to: My brother and sister-in-law-to-be visiting this weekend and seeing how big my belly has gotten!

Milestones:  Being able to tell the difference between kicks and punches!


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