October Catch-Up

Since the first trimester I have found it difficult to keep up with the day to day but to keep up with the deep cleaning, blog, continue organizing our home, prepping for baby and growing a baby was impossible! I gave up on most things and concentrated on general housekeeping and a healthy mommy and baby! But now I’ve got my energy back! So in hopes of catching up before this baby is born I am cramming a bunch into this post! Prepare yourself for October happenings!

At the beginning of the month we got together with my high school pals, Jordan and Lindsey, to spend some time outside, check out some rescued animals, and go geocaching at Blandford Nature Center.
The boys found the geocache first every time but let us girls find it and take out the geocache.

This one had lots of fun toys in it!

My birthday present from my in-laws was two Rascal Flatts tickets. My mother-in-law and I spent the day before my birthday jamming out to Eden’s Edge, The Eli Young Band, Little Big Town and RASCAL FLATTS! Our seats were less than ideal but I enjoyed being so close to the bands who still made sure to interact with us on the side!
My heart raced throughout Rascal Flatts’ set and I was so excited to see them again. I think they’ve lost some of their energy but since I haven’t been to a concert in six years I’m assuming their age at something to do with it. haha

Ben and I have gone on multiple dates since finding out we were parents. We are trying to soak in this time together and one of our dates was at a little place called Uncle Cheetah’s Soup Shop.
Ben enjoying the “Reuben”.

I enjoyed the “Lobster Bisque.”

A delicious homemade soup made with local, organic ingredients with drinks under $14! So worth it!

Towards the middle of October my college buddy/RA co-worker,Rob, came to visit for a weekend and to meet baby H! Rob brought baby two awesome (Rated PG/R) outfits for baby and our visit started off with many laughs!!

Saturday morning we went geocaching around town, but didn’t find any.

We bottled Ben’s beer with Rob to give him a taste of home brewing!
Baby’s first time bottling!
Rob’s first time bottling!

Then my brother, Justin, came to hang out too!

We decided against hanging out at a local brewery and hung out at home playing Kinnect.
The evening continued with a late night Meijer run for beer, pizza and sour gummy worms for the prego. The night continued through morning while this gal tried to sleep!

The next morning Ben and I made breakfast for the guys. My artistic husband made everyone a personalized pancake! Also on the menu was sausage, toast, bacon and hot chocolate!
Rob and I attempted to take a normal photo. We aren’t good at normal photos…
That’s better!!! Our “normal”.

At the end of October we experienced a beautiful Sunday afternoon and we interrupted our dear friends and stole their children for some fun at the park. Their dad came with us and was impressed at how adventurous his daughters were.

Addison learned to go up this part of the playground this summer and a few months later Erin was ready to tackle it! She did a GREAT job! Was so balanced and careful and SO proud when she was successful! I’m too afraid to let her do it but Uncle Ben is fun and adventurous and taught Erin how to climb it!
Uncle Ben tried teaching Addison to do this but she wasn’t as courageous as her little sister. She tried though!

That was our October in a nut shell!! We experienced a warm October and enjoyed our numerous opportunities to get outside and enjoy the crunch leaves and warm sunshine!


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