Week 20

(click on the photo to enlarge it)

How far along?  20 weeks (half way to meeting baby… or close to it, after all baby will come when baby is ready!)

Total weight gain/loss:  +9 (suppose to gain between 8-10 pounds by this time so I’m right on track!)

Maternity clothes?  Well I officially can’t wear one pair of pants because I have no way to keep them up. My shirts are getting short and I fear maternity clothes are in my near future. I’m holding on out buying anything and hoping I can make it to Christmas.

Sleep:  Another great week of sleep! No complaints in this department. A few random mornings where I was up for an hour but that’s nothing compared to the last month. Yeah!

Best moment this week: You kicked your daddy!! Ben felt baby’s first kick (and multiple kicks after that!) Another awesome moment was when my first student discovered that bump she was hugging was a baby! A Kindergarten student was having a bad day and came up for a hug. As she was hugging my bump she points to it and looks up at me saying, “it feels like there is a baby in there.” I said, “there is!” Then the child shouts, “for real?” She then proceeded to ask if the baby was a boy or girl and kissed my belly! She told a few children so the rest will know soon enough! So exciting!

Movement:  Feeling movement more often. I feel baby more often in the evening than the rest of the day. Such a wonderful feeling!

Food cravings:  Hm.. nothing specific again this week. Fried food has been a constant craving (wish I was craving something like apples or spinach…).

Gender: According to another Old Wive’s Tale if you experience more headaches now than before you were pregnant (which unfortunately I do.. ) baby is a boy!

Belly Button in or out? Innie… but Ben and I think innie is not so innie anymore..

What I miss:  Shirts that fit without tugging them down all the time.

What I am looking forward to:  Celebrating my sweet baby with two baby showers at the end of December.

Milestones:  Daddy feeling those beautiful baby kicks I have been experiencing!

(Sorry for the delay.. I really needed to focus on other things this past week; work, cleaning, organizing and getting on top of my life! I did focus on those things and feel sooo much better!)


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