Pregnancy Love

Ben supported me so much throughout my first trimester. He did his best to take over my responsibilities so I could rest on those days I was exceptionally tired, cooked me healthy meals, and treated me like a princess.

I’d come home from work and frequently found a special treat waiting for me. Some
times it was a basket of clean laundry, freshly swept floors, a clean stove or other completed tasks that were usually mine. Other times it was yummy snacks!! I’ve truly been blessed with the most amazing husband.
A BIG Reeses’ peanut butter cup!
Ben went to get some milk and ended up treating me and my nausea to 7 UP, chocolate milk and another Reeses’.

Another evening I came home to some carnations. His excuse, I don’t buy you flowers enough. I pick you flowers but don’t buy them.
Ben also made it a point to find special things for us to do together; go out to eat, meet up with friends and spend quiet evenings watching a movie together. One evening I came home from work and Ben rushed me off to dinner to celebrate my 25th birthday at Red Lobster.

Now that I am well into the 2nd trimester I’ve been able to partake in most of the same activities I was before but Ben has still gone above and beyond to make sure I am rested and our home is a clean and relaxing place.


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