As I am beginning to think about watching Christmas movies, drinking Peppermint tea, wrapping presents, baking chocolate goodies and those beautiful twinkling lights, I’ve realized I never posted photos of the Fall decorations in our home. Let’s change that!


 My toilet paper pumpkin from Noah, spider web basket and mini pumpkins.
More fall goodies including my homemade pipe cleaner spider.
I can’t remember where/when I got these leaves but they are my favorite fall decorations!
My new fall decoration. This one totally fell into my cart when I was at a Michael’s. All I needed to do was throw in a candle!
Fall could be found throughout our apartment, including the bathroom.
And lastly, a bit of fall in our bedroom.
What is fall without pumpkin carving?
The Saturday before Halloween we headed to Kalamazoo to carve pumpkins with Justin and Tia.
Justin had a bit more fun than the rest of us!
His pumpkin was done first so photographer Justin got behind the camera.
Our beautiful pumpkins!

Ben’s pirate
Justin’s woman
Tia’s Western Michigan University pumpkin
My cat

(the carving knife broke during the smile.. haha)
Our pumpkins chilling at home!


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