Week 18

Prepare yourself for a big belly!!
(this may be a sneak peek at baby’s dresser.. )

How far along?  18 weeks

Total weight gain/loss:  +4

Maternity clothes?  Still the same. Only when I want to. I can still wear pretty much anything I owned before I was pregnant.

Sleep:  Still having frequent wake-up times around 3am-6am. They keep me up for an hour or so. Unfortunately.. nothing has changed here. Fortunately I’ve gotten more used to the lack of sleep and can function normally.

Best moment this week: Early in the week I believe I felt baby!

Movement:  Some! The baby mass has gotten quite large and while poking baby earlier this week I felt some flutters about two inches away from my prodding. This has happened a few times this week! Is it baby? I think it is.

Food cravings:  Sour Gummy Worms! Sour Gummy Octopus! Sweet Tarts! I think I’m on a sour kick…

Gender: Chinese Gender Predictor Test says girl! (again I don’t believe in these but they are fun!)

Belly Button in or out? I still have an innie.

What I miss:  A night of sleep when I don’t wake up once!!

What I am looking forward to:  The kids I work with noticing I am pregnant.

Milestones:  Feeling baby for the first time!


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