OH: Week 33

Organize Your Home: Week Thirty-Three

Basement Organization

I don’t have any before and after pictures this week. Our basement is pretty organized. We have most of our stuff on one wall. If I really want to declutter a bit more I’d find a new home for our microwave and get donate the blue plastic chest you see below. Ben isn’t ready to part with the blue chest yet and we will have to talk about the microwave. We haven’t used it in a year and don’t need it.

Anywho.. here are the steps to this challenge:

1. Get Rid of Basement Clutter.

2. Make a Plan for Your Basement Using Zones.

3. Organize Items You’re Keeping In the Basement

4. Consider Basement Storage Solutions

5. Label and Inventory Your Basement Storage

Ideally my future basement would look something like this..


or this

All that beautifully organized storage brings tears to my eyes!

Here is our basement. Most of it is empty boxes and totes to use the next time we move. It had to go somewhere and thankfully we are able to use the basement to store some of our goodies.

From the left to the right: garden station, empty paper boxes and totes with some canning jars on top, then a tote of bubble wrap, roller blades, box of empty beer bottles and a microwave then ending with Ben’s blue plastic trunk, flattened boxes, empty 5 gallon buckets and a ton of empty milk crates.

We know we will move again so we kept a large portion of the boxes we used to move to Grand Rapids. I especially love these paper boxes because they can be easily moved by me and the boxes are sturdier for special items.

More moving materials and Ben’s empty beer bottles. Ben gives away quite a bit of his beer so we like to have a stock pile of empty bottles for him to brew with. 
We aren’t ready to get rid of the milk crates yet because they make convenient little shelves for a basement or garage someday. We also have a lot of flattened boxes we will use the next time we move. Or to send a package. 
Our laundry area was addressed here in a previous post.

Ben’s winter tires are here, a few more empty totes for moving and the sawhorses Ben made and uses for his woodworking projects.

That’s our basement!


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