dum dum dum…

It is time…

there comes a time in every first time parent’s lives where they must enter through those glass doors, hand in hand with an uneasy smile on their face as they grab a scanner and..


you must decide between billions {yes billions} of baby items which ones will make it on your baby’s registry. That time is tomorrow? What brand is best? Which piece of baby has received the best reviews? What is better for our environment and ultimately best for our baby and our lifestyle? I’ve been bookmarking articles and blogs and educating my stuff on all things baby gear since before lil’ peanut existed. I’ve made lists, chatted with moms and dads and spent hours reading articles online.

Then I look at this pictures and the excitement fades a bit and our bones begin to shake.. we are not prepared! But it doesn’t all have to be done in one day and we have flexibility in altering the items we may pick this weekend. I just need to remind myself that a few times tomorrow!!

Any last minute tips, tricks, “must-haves”, “not worth having” items would be appreciated!! 🙂


One thought on “dum dum dum…

  1. Must have: video monitor. I didn’t have one with my 1st and ended up getting up every few hours just to check on her. I just had to see her to know she was OK. Sometimes I’d accidentally wake her up. With the 2nd we got the video monitor and I could easily check on her w/o disturbing her. The 2nd has no sleep issues goes down easier and sleeps longer. Also really liked having a wipes warmer (less shock to the bottom in middle of the night changings in the winter).
    Did not need: a swing (neither liked it), a diaper genie (expensive refills), a diaper bag (just used my slouchy purse), a stroller (neither would sit in it), boppy (used whatever pillow was nearby).
    Good luck & have fun!

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