OH: Week 32

Organize Your Home: Week Thirty-Two

Organize Outdoor and Garden Storage Areas

Our garden items are stored in a milk crate in our basement. Nothing too exciting. Our big garden items are stored in the entryway along with our BBQ tools in a medium size tote. Eventually I hope we have a garden area in our garage someday but until then… 

As for outdoor areas since we rent we don’t have anything outside except for some flowers we planted, two chairs and a small table. 

Steps for this week‘s challenge:

1. Declutter Your Home’s Outdoor and Garden Storage

2. Organize Your Garden Tools, Equipment and Supplies

3. Organize Your Deck, Patio and/or Pool Areas

4. Organize Your Outdoor Storage Sheds Bins and/or Buildings On Your Property

Our beautiful Morning Glory, Gladiolas and other beautiful plants aren’t looking so beautiful. It was time to winterize our patio and get rid of the dead plants. They served us well!


Our porch may not look too bad but the mums were dead and around the corner..

Were even more dead plants..

I got rid of the dead plants – threw the plants in the backyard to compost and disposed of the containers. I took the pots and brought them downstairs. I also brought our Foxglove downstairs to bring out again next summer. I then swept the porch and the sidewalk.

A cleaner and clutter free porch. This was good timing for this challenge because I could get the porch ready for the winter.
The other side of our porch has our Adirondack chairs and ReSale store find/Ben’s table project.

In the basement..

Where we store our garden supplies. Three milk crates stacked up to create our garden storage.

The bottom crate has our various fertilizers and soils. The second crate has our garden tools and small tote with garden gloves, seeds, etc. 

The top crate has empty pots, Foxglove and on the top is our plastic water catchers.

Ben wanted to keep these so they hang in our basement too.


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