Week 17

The above photo is a picture of the Raspberry Leaf Tea I drink daily. My midwife recommended this daily drink because it strengthens my uterus (makes for a more productive labor) and it contains a wealth of vitamins and minerals like Vitamins A, C, and E.
How far along?  17 weeks

Total weight gain/loss:  +3

Maternity clothes?  Only when I want to. My work shirt is getting a little tight and some shirts are short but no need for maternity clothes yet. Unbuttoning a button or two in my pants works just fine!

Sleep:  Still having frequent wake-up times around 3am-6am. They keep me up for an hour or so.

Best moment this week: I’m actually starting to look pregnant!

Movement:  Nothing. I can feel my baby throughout the day when I press on my lower stomach but no movement yet.

Food cravings:  Sour Gummy Worms!

Gender: Another fun old wive’s tale. If you are craving something sour you are expecting a boy.

Belly Button in or out? All the way in! It feels like my stomach is stretching around my belly button.

What I miss:  Being able to vacuum/sweep without my back hurting.

What I am looking forward to:  Starting our baby registry.

Milestones:  Sharing our baby news with non-family/friends – like people at church.


2 thoughts on “Week 17

  1. Found you through the Pinterest Challenge and I plan on making your chicken parm. I craved sour things too with my 2nd pregnancy. I have two girls. I thought I was carrying boys both times 🙂
    Good luck trying to settle your mind during the early morning wake-ups. It helped me to count backwards and measure each breath with a number….35 inhale….34…exhale…33 inhale…
    Kept me focused on my breathing and less on my to do list or whatever weird pregnancy dream I just had! 🙂

    • Thanks for the tips Kim! People keep saying boy but I think I will be in the same situation as you and have a girl! Time will tell. 🙂 Enjoy the chicken recipe. It was a quick way to cook chicken and we really enjoyed the unique flavor.

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