OH: Week 31

Organize Your Home: Week Thirty-One

Craft Organization

This can be a tough one for me. Sometimes after I complete a craft I may have some left overs remaining. Extra beads, felt, wooden blocks, paint, dowels, etc. I have finally began to understand that with these small amount of remaining supplies I can’t usually complete a whole project. Also, so many projects I do are customized to the person getting the craft that it could be years before I found someone to recreate the project for. 

I avoided this challenge for a few weeks and decided it was time to tackle my craft drawers. 

Steps for completing this week‘s challenge:

1. Declutter Craft Supplies and Gather Everything Into One Area

2. Sort Remaining Craft Supplies Into Categories

3. Clear an Area or Room To Do Your Crafts In

4. Utilize Craft Storage Solutions To Containerize Everything


My craft area was in the office next to the desk in the three plastic drawers.


The craft area was spilling over on the floor.

I took out all the drawers, took everything out and cleaned them out. Decluttered the drawers and put everything back. There wasn’t a big change, promise.

This is my sewing/crocheting/knitting drawer.

General crafts (magnets, glue sticks, glue gun) and painting supplies. I use a Cool Whip lid as a pallet and then clean it off. I’ve used the same one for years! I use my paints more frequently than the rest of the items in this drawer which is why they are the main focus.

Card/Stationery Drawer.

I had a small pile of items to donate or throw away. Every little thing counts!!


For my final step I pulled everything out of this closet and vacummed the floors. Then rearranged it a bit to add the craft drawers in here. Our work bags and my purse are hanging in this closet, the basket has our winter apparel in, our vacuum lives in the closet, all our jackets/vests/Ben’s sweatshirts/flannels live here and my scrapbook totes. 
My two scrapbook totes. The blue one has scrapbooking supplies and the bottom one has empty scrapbooks and half finished scrapbooks (I know they are on my to do list..).

This was done a few months ago and I am loving having all my craft supplies in one space and the extra space in the baby’s room!


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