Art Prize

Grand Rapids rocks! Growing up in a small town and spending five years at college in a slightly bigger town I thought I would never love living in a big city. In fact, I am really enjoying it. I love the opportunities that Grand Rapids provides for us and the wide range of choices in entertainment, shopping, restaurants, etc. Grand Rapids fits our lifestyle quite well. We are a short walk away from local restaurants, breweries, and shops that are focused on sustainability and their commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

One of the unique offerings Grand Rapids provides is Art Prize. Three years ago Grand Rapids started this fun event that has grown each year. The city is transformed as art pieces are scattered around the city, sidewalks are painted, you can’t go anywhere without seeing promotional materials and people are everywhere!

Last year Ben and I had just moved, just started new jobs and I needed a map to go anywhere. This year Ben started a new job, I am in the process of understanding my fairly new job and we have a baby on the way! We still found an evening to get out and enjoy Art Prize, not as much as we’d like but we were thankful for the few hours we were able to sneak away from life and enjoy all the fun!

For more information on ArtPrize click here.

This piece was fun and it took a moment for me to realize it wasn’t an actual person!

A piece made out of recycled material.

I was thankful to see this one as the sun was setting. The lights were beautiful shining through the glass. 
This was one of my favorite pieces! I loved the look on the gnome’s face. It was also a great one of for kids. They had to find a list of woodland creatures in the piece.

The idea behind this piece left Ben and I speechless. For an explanation of this flagpole read below.

“A flagpole made of a 80′ tall fraser fir tree with most of the roots attached. Proudly flying the American flag, the symbol of freedom. The opening in the fence represents the doorway to freedom. Unless your a Native American, your ancestors came from around the globe. The root system represents their journeys from near and far.”
Ben checking out the piece (while carrying my bag that got too heavy!).
This was another beautiful piece outside a hotel.
Loved this sand castle one. So fun with so many little details included.
The cloud. How connected are you to technology?

A thought provoking piece indeed…

We had a beautiful night together and got a good amount of exercise too! I can’t wait to take our little one there next year!


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