Week 16

How far along?  16 weeks

Total weight gain/loss:  +2

Maternity clothes?  Not really. I noticed a few of my shirts are getting too short but still wear them around the house.

Sleep:  Still having frequent wake-up times around 3am-6am.

Best moment this week:  Finally telling my boss.

Movement:  Nothing yet. Hopefully in a month!

Food cravings:  Still fighting the fast food craving (gave into that this week.. twice…and didn’t regret it!).

Gender: I don’t believe in all the Old Wive’s Tale type gender predictors but it is fun to see what they say. According to our baby’s heart rate (which was 160) we are having a girl.

Belly Button in or out? All the way in!

What I miss:  My normal energy/motivation level.

What I am looking forward to:  Next appointment and opportunity to hear baby’s heartbeat!

Milestones:  Belly is officially past the “girls.”


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