Week 15

How far along?  15 weeks

Total weight gain/loss:  +2

Maternity clothes?  Not usually. Unbuttoning my pants seems to work well but I do wear a maternity dress quite often because it is super comfortable!

Sleep:  Depends on the night.  Some nights it’s lacking. More often I only wake up to use the bathroom and quickly fall back asleep. Other nights I’m up for an hour or two between 3am-6am.

Best moment this week:  Baby allowed me the energy needed to get on top of housework for the first time in months!

Movement:  The only movement I notice is when I feel baby early in the morning. Sometimes my hand rests on a large bump but if I press too hard baby sneaks away and hides. Not actual movement can be felt yet!

Food cravings:  The usual – fried food! I am able to ignore this craving most of the time though.

Gender:    Some people are guessing boy for numerous reasons. Baby is due in April (both my dad and and brother are born in April and my mom and I in October).

Belly Button in or out?  In!

What I miss:  Bending down to tie my shoes without feeling the STRONG urge to urinate! It tends to take more time to tie my shoes now.

What I am looking forward to:  Movement!

Milestones:  It is clear to us that baby has grown a lot this week!


One thought on “Week 15

  1. What an awesome post! Just like with Alyssa I was wondering if you were feeling movement and then you answered my question before I even asked it! Thank you sooo much for these blogs!

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