Baby Goodies

Our baby is already so spoiled! Within hours of telling our loved ones about our little miracle gifts, cards and beautiful messages were received.

I didn’t photograph everything our lil’ peanut owns but here is a good portion of the gifts baby H received.


Top left: ducky outfit and toy from Uncle Jake, Aunty Wendy and Mikayla

Top right: outfit from Auntie Tia and Uncle Justin and handmade book from Grandpa and Grandpa K

Bottom left: onsies and two blankets from Aunty Mary, Uncle Ed and Great-Grandma Margaret

Bottom right: outfits from my parents


Top left/top right/ bottom left: outfits and blanket from Ben’s parents

Bottom left: an outfit for Mommy from Ben’s parents

I also got an adorable black cover up from my parents and super comfy yoga pants (that I practically live in!)

Our family and friends also sent us sweet cards and Facebook messages. We are so loved and so blessed! Ben and I have bought a few outfits for baby so the pile of baby goodies is growing!


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