Telling Our Families

Telling My Brother, Tia, Gramma Kathy, Aunty Tracy, Mark, Aunty Wendy and cousin, Mikayla
Friday, September 21st

For all of these people we did the same thing..
My mom usually started things off by saying. “We went geocaching today and found this geocache. You aren’t suppose to take them but this one was so cool we had to take it and show you.”

I didn’t catch most of the big moments (would have been too obvious) but I did get Justin and Tia’s reaction and Gramma Kathy’s.

Yup.. Tia got it! 🙂
Then they said “We were just talking about this!”
Apparently they were talking about me getting pregnant.
Gramma and Addison’s turn
Yup… Gramma figured it out!
Telling the 5K Crew 
Saturday, September 22nd
I had another surprise up my sleeves..
We did a 5K on Saturday, our 2nd annual family 5K.
I told my family and some friends through my outfit..
Here is the only reaction we got on camera, Aunty Jodi’s
We were also able to tell Noah’s family and some of my high school friends who were also at the race!
Over the course of Saturday and Sunday we told a large portion of my family. We told most of them by showing them the pictures.
It was so fun telling my Great-Grandma she was going to be a Great-Great-Grandma!
Telling Ben’s Sisters and our far-away friends and family
Monday, September 24th – Saturday, October 6th
You’ve probably already seen this one!
For the special people in our life who we couldn’t tell in person we sent this silly little video!
Then after sharing the news with our close family and friends we moved on to sharing our Baby news on Facebook.

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