Bump Update Weeks 11-14

This is it.
The rest of the first trimester.
Baby is 1/3 of the way cooked! 
Unreal.. we are only 6 months away from meeting our lil’ peanut! 
Some cool stuff happened during these weeks. A bump started to appear (one that wouldn’t disappear in the morning), our family and some friends were told about Baby H and we heard baby’s heartbeat for the first time! 
Without further ado…
Week 11
This weekend was another big milestone – we told Ben’s parent’s about Baby H!

The bump looked especially large one evening! 

Week 12
Another big milestone – we told my family about lil’ peanut when we visited my hometown shortly after reaching 12 weeks. There was something magical about telling my Great-Grandma she is going to be a Great-Great-Grandma! 

We shared the news with both sets of parents with this geocache created by Ben!

Inside were photos of the pregnancy test, a photo of us holding a sign with the date we found out about Baby H (August 4th) and a photo of the bump!

And then life got too busy..

I forgot to take a bump update photo for Week 13.

But I did take this photo on Week 13 day 1.
Totally counts..
Ben, baby and I heading out on a date to celebrate my birthday (a week early!).
Sorry about the goofy face… this is all I got from my dear husband. 

This one is difficult to read – sorry!
Some of baby’s adorable clothes! 
Week 14
Less flub, more bump!

Way to go BABY! 
You’ve made it through the first 3 months of life – which is a big accomplishment for you (and a big weight off your parent’s shoulders!) 
Daddy and I can breath a sigh of relief after hearing your heartbeat on Thursday, October 4th. 
You can hear it too!
Check it out!
(turn down the volume a bit – the video is quite loud)

Here’s to the 2nd trimester! 

One thought on “Bump Update Weeks 11-14

  1. Gah! You're notes to baby and video of that sweet sound leave me in tears!!! This little one is so blessed with amazing parents. I can't wait to meet him or her in just a short little while ❤

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