The Beans Have Been Spilled!

That’s right for the last few months…
I’ve switched from coffee to tea (and the occasional decaf).
I’m swapping my snug flitting jeans for comfy sweatpants.
I’ve found myself taking a nap or two to get through the day.
I’m waking at all times in the night to use the bathroom.
I’ve searched my closet for loose fitting shirts to hide my growing baby.
I’m educating myself watching documentaries and reading books and articles.
I’ve spent mornings on the couch waiting for the nausea to pass.
I’ve discovered baby does NOT like Blue Powerade.
I’ve avoided contact with friends and family because I was afraid I’d spill the beans!
I’ve prayed. We are so blessed to be trusted with this special little miracle!
What about daddy? Ben has been…
Taking the lead with housework.
Carrying heavy boxes, laundry baskets, etc. for me.
Picking up extra hours at work.
Changed his work schedule from evenings to days for when the baby comes.
Assisting me in the continuation of simplifying our home.
Reminding me to put myself first – take naps, drink water, eat small meals and rest.
Surprising me with special meals, treats and by completing household tasks.
Encouraging me through the rough days at work.
On Bump Watch – helping me choose the best outfits to hid the bump.
Watching his wife grow and change in front of him.  

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