Ben and I are celebrating our 27th month as Mr. and Mrs. To celebrate I thought I’d share 27 fun facts about us.

I did this once before and enjoyed the challenge of finding facts you may not know about us. 

1. I would love to make all of our own cleaning and beauty products. So far I make our laundry detergent, body scrub (which I use to shave my legs), tub cleaner, and hand soap. Next on the list – Windex, cleaning wipes, floor cleaner. 
2. Ben would love to make all of the furniture in our house. He tries but trouble is he doesn’t have a wood shop. One day I hope he gets his wood shop! 
3. I could watch The Beauty and the Beast on repeat….all day. Right now… I’m watching it for the second time today. 
4. Ben could survive never reading another book as long as he had the book series; A Song of Ice and Fire. 
5. I love reading historical fiction based on the Tudors (and King Henry’s wives).
6. Ben seriously helps with house upkeep. I don’t know what I would do without him. If I ever complain about the lack of work he does around the house – slap me in the face – for real. He does so much! 
7. I haven’t painted my toes in about 6 months. This is HUGE. Until six months ago I ALWAYS wore nail polish.
8. Ben is becoming a clean freak.
9. I am becoming quite messy 
10. Ben is artistic. He excels at drawing furniture, room floor plans, etc. but in a drawing match he will beat me – every time. 
11. I don’t know if I want to be a teacher. I love teaching. I love kids. Just not sure what is in store for me. 
12. Ben hopes to go back to college for a second degree to dig deeper into the career he is in now. 
13. I hope to go to grad school – maybe for social work. 
14. Ben will attack any bag of chocolate chips that I leave in the fridge. It is his weakness. 
15. I won’t wear short shorts in public. The shortest shorts I wear in public end right before my knees.
16. Ben changes his outfit more than a teenage girl. 
17. Once I get home from work I change into my PJs and refuse to leave the house for the rest of the day. It is just my thing. Once my PJs are on – I am done! 
18. Ben frequently picks out my outfits. He also makes sure I don’t leave the house in mismatched clothes. I’m hopeless.
19. I love Ben’s beard.
20. Ben once grew his hair out for me.. we both agree short hair is best now! 
21. We both love the movie series – the Ocean movies (11, 12, 13), Lord of the Rings, Rocky, the Bourne movies, and Star Wars (Ben secretly likes the Harry Potter series too).
22. Our favorite stores are IKEA (furniture store), Kingma’s (grocery store) and World Market (home decor and other fun goodies from around the world). 
23. Our favorite color scheme is grey, black, white and some random pop of color like purple, yellow, red, green, etc. 
24. We love games! It doesn’t take much to convince either one of us to play a game – board games, card games, video games, games our grandparents played as a kid, etc. 
25. Our ideal weekend would include a few long walks, eating at a local restaurant, and a reading or movie marathon. Actually, an ideal weekend for us is one when we don’t leave the house. Yup, we are old… 
26. We are working on some big projects.. can’t wait to share what we are up to! 
27. It surprises us how much our love has grown in 27 months. There was so much love between us when we were standing in front of our family and friends professing our love to each other on our wedding day. That love is nothing to what we have together now. I see it in Ben’s eyes and I feel it in my whole body. We are so blessed! 

Your turn! Any fun facts you want to share? 


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