Remember SHMILY? 

If not read up on SHMILY here

Ben and I still take turns hiding our two little penguins in varies locations around our home to surprise one another and to remind each other just “how much I love you.”

The penguins hung out in Ben’s end table for awhile until I took them out and rehid them. Since then the  penguins have been moving all over!! 

Tonight I was reminded just how awesome my husband is and just how much he loves me!

After a long {not so good} day at work I came home and found this in the fridge…

Ben is too good to me!! He seriously rocks my socks off ALL the time! 
Thanks honey! 

Ben has been BUGGING me because he can’t find one of the penguins. It has been almost a week.
To test him to see if he even reads my blog {I think he quickly scans it…} I am giving him a BIG hint! 

Check your pockets Ben…. 


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