OH: Week 30

Organize Your Home: Week Thirty
Organize Your Garage

Still working on catching up on these! I’ll get there… 
I don’t have a garage but here are the steps for those of you who do! 

Steps for this week’s challenge:
1. Declutter Your Garage
2. Make a Plan For Your Garage Using Zones: car zone, workshop, storage zone, kids zone, etc.
3. Organize Items You’re Keeping In Your Garage
4. Consider Garage Storage Solutions: hooks and pegs, shelves, storage cabinets, overhead storage, etc. 
5. Label and Inventory Your Garage Storage: free printable available here

My future garage would look something like this!

Labeled storage for the kids outdoor toys! 
Garden Center – with all those cabinets and drawers!
Ben’s work space – I’m sure he would keep it organized too.. 

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