Bedroom Redo!

We have been slowly working on different areas of our home and updating our furniture/decor. Our living room has made the most progress with almost all new furniture that has been bought in the last 13 months. Some furniture was painted when we moved in to fit better so overall our living room looks finished {of course it is not!} Our dining room has also seen a lot of change with Ben’s homemade table and mirror. Our kitchen has had a different type of makeover as we continue to go through drawers and cabinets getting rid of things and reorganizing. Our bedroom is virtually untouched, except for buying a bed when we moved in, a lampshade and little rug.

I started dusting one day and then this happened….

We have two long totes under our bed. One has two guest pillows. The other has my off season clothes. Clothes should be in the closet and I was bound and determined to make them fit. Out came everything from under the bed and most things in the closet. 

I went through all my clothes again and got rid of enough to put all our clothes neatly into the closet. There is actually growing room! There was a time when I almost bought more hangers and now we have more hangers than we know what to do with! 

I refolded a lot of my clothes {Ben did his a few months back and they looked so much better than mine!} and put the remaining clothes back neatly in their place. I also pulled out everything on the floor to sweep and mop. 

The final product! Everything fits in our closet! Yeah! 

Part 2… tomorrow…. 

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