OH: Week 29

Organize Your Home: Week Twenty-Nine
Attic Organization

We do have an attic but it creeps me out so… none of our belongings are up in the attic. We do have a few things in the basement (I’ll get to that soon) and nothing in the attic. I’ll still share the information for this challenge.

1. Get One or More Partners To Help With Attic Organizing: This is likely a big task for those who store items in the attic. You’ll need someone to help moving things and since an attic may be a bit dangerous it is nice to have extra support.
2. Declutter Your Attic: Most of the items up there may have been forgotten. Time to find someone else to love them!
3. Categorize Items and Assess Where They Should Be Stored: Is the attic the best place to store the items or is there somewhere else that is better suited. 
4. Create Zones In Your Attic For Your Storage Categories: Think about what items you need most and put those closer to the attic entrance. 
5. Label and Inventory Your Attic Storage:  If you have items in containers, label them and put them in areas together. A free label can be found at the organizing website here.

Some day I hope my attic looks like this!!

This is a beautiful play room! Someday… my attic will look like this!! 


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