To Prove My House Isn’t Always Clean….

I talk a lot about organization, a lot. I am passionate about this topic. I truly feel that an organized and clutter free home is a stress-free home. Ben feels the same. We both try hard to keep up on housework but there are some weeks that we are SO BUSY we can’t do it! Sadly almost all of this mess is mine… thankfully by the end of a Saturday this was all cleaned up! This was one of the first weeks of the summer program and I was definitely in over my head! 

Without further ado … my messy house..

My office space.. papers everywhere! Organized, yes, but looks so messy! 

The Dining Room became a dumping ground for Science materials, clothes and files. (Look I didn’t even push in my chair!)

You can tell Ben wasn’t as busy, the dishes were done! (That is usually his duty). I literally threw clothes everywhere. I put on some music and finally cleaned up after a long week! 

I brought so much junk from work home to go through, organize and bring back to school. It was crazy! And again… more clothes!! 

Sadly.. our house usually looks like this {well not this bad…} by Thursday afternoon but by Saturday afternoon it is back to normal! What can I say.. we are busy people! It’s understandable.. except for the clothes all over. There is no excuse for that… I was apparently feeling quite lazy! 🙂


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