OH: Week 27

Organize Your Home: Week Twenty-Seven
Organize Pet Supplies

I am jumping around a bit. I am over a month behind in these challenges and a few will take me some time to complete. I am going to work hard to catch up in the next two weeks. I skipped ahead to a challenge I do not have to complete. Organizing Pet Supplies! But for those of you who do have pets…. time to get organizing. I also want to keep this as a record to reference when we do have pets! 🙂 

Steps for this weeks challenge:
1. Declutter Your Pet Supplies
2. Organize Your Pet Supplies Into Categories (for example: food/bowls, toys, grooming supplies, etc.)
3. Create A Pet Food Storage Area
4. Pet Toys Storage and Organization
5. Organize Miscellaneous Pet Supplies (pet medications, leashes, collars, grooming tools, etc.)
6. Organize Paperwork and Medical Information About Your Pets

When the time comes and we are able to adopt a dog (or two!) I’d love to be this organized! 

Love the chalkboard to write notes regarding your pets, the place to hang the leashes and of course a picture frame of your beloved family member!

For $50 from Meijer this is a nice {simple} option! 

Place for food and a place for other pet goodies. 
Not as pretty but at least it keeps many pet supplies in one location. This wouldn’t look bad in a garage or back entryway. 

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